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How A Globalist Drive For A Utopian Super City Is Pushing Dutch Farmers To Protest


Dutch farmers just won’t stay home.

Two large protests unfolded in the Netherlands last week as citizens headed to vote in a provincial election yesterday. One protest was led by people with legitimate, tangible skin in the game: Farmers, fishermen, and their supporters. Dutch land, way of life, and time-tested traditions of success are under threat and being taken and destroyed.

The second protest was an assembly of autonomous human drones, fueled by the information war. These victims of “menticide” are the “extinction rebellion” — brainwashed meatbots — from the same information ecosystems that created Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

While the Dutch provincial election took a favorable turn for the farmers, many believe the threat to their autonomy still remains. 

Dutch farmers are under a severe information attack of their own, with accusations that farming causes “stickstoff poisoning,” — nitrogen poisoning. The accusation is so fraudulent that to even discuss the merits is to lose the fight. A famous Dutch medical doctor and psychoanalyst, Joost Meerloo, wrote extensively about such menticide in his classic book on brainwashing, “Rape of the Mind,” published in 1956. In the book, Dr. Meerloo explained exactly what we are seeing today, including methods for countering this mental martial art. A paraphrase of Dr. Meerloo’s advice: Do not engage in discussion of details when the bedrock details of the argument are lies. To discuss the merits of the meritless is to lose.

The nitrogen argument put forth by Dutch prime minister Rutte and his globalist friends is fake. Unworthy of discussion. Instead, they should fix their gaze higher — ad hominem in this case — on the communists and other tyrants who wield the information swords.

The argument is as prima facie fallacious as the accusation that calling Holland “Holland” is somehow wrong. Their true goal is total control. Control of the simplest acts of existence, such as eating, which words we use, and calling oneself Dutch or American. According to the Dutch government, the name “Holland” is now outdated and should no longer be used by Dutch government officials. Yes, the term Holland is now canceled.

In a recent interview, Dr. Jordan Peterson pointedly and repeatedly called this country, the Netherlands, Holland. If any man understands the immense power of a single word, the man is Dr. Peterson. Dr. Peterson knows compelled speech is slavery and slavery leads to spiritual death.

Last year, I stood outside a venue in the Netherlands where Dr. Peterson was speaking to a full house. He travels with a security detail due to serious, credible threats. Antifa protested the event, attempting to intimidate those who will listen to men who study, stand, and speak the truth.

I have spent months with Antifa in the past — in Portland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Hong Kong (yes), and Washington D.C. I know their ways and how they work tirelessly to intimidate, using an information war as their highest form of warfare.

The information war currently spreading across the Dutch “mindscape” is the real poison. The Dutch government is openly in the grips of a beastly alliance of the WEF and the CCP — The World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party. Klaus Schwab, chairman of the WEF, has publicly, effusively praised Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Netherlands version of Justin Trudeau.

These globalists need the farmland to create their planned Utopia called “Tristate City,” a megalopolis, comprising most of the Netherlands, parts of Germany, and Belgium. And while the brainchild behind the massive blueprint, urban planner Peter Savelberg, recently walked back his proposal, it doesn’t diminish the WEF’s vision of a human farm where every movement will be tracked, recorded, and analyzed in real time by people such as Chinese agents.


Tristate City includes the two busiest ports in Europe: Rotterdam and Antwerp. If China has its way, its new growing Asian rail infrastructure will chug across the middle of the Tristate City to Rotterdam. The Tristate City is set to become a giant Chinese port city. 

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WEF/CCP needs and wants the land. Standing in the way, of course, are the farmers and a strong Dutch spirit. If the western WEF members, who now cooperate so deeply with CCP, succeed they will eventually fight over the spoils. Stated more plainly — though WEF and CCP are today wedded in unholy marriage, they are destined for bloody divorce.

Why so herculean an effort to destroy Dutch culture including farmers and fishermen? Control: Control of food supply, freedom of movement, association, and commerce. Dutch farmers — among the most efficient and responsible in the world — are working in large parts on land that was reclaimed from the sea. Not primal forests, but underwater. Their family lines go back centuries. They are literally the original tribespeople, as it were. If this were any place other than Europe, the Frisians and others might be labeled indigenous, in need of protection.

WATCH: New Dr. Jordan B. Peterson podcast, “Dutch Farmers: Canaries in the Globalist Coal Mine, with Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek”

Michael Yon became one of America’s youngest Green Berets at 19-years-old. Michael has lived over half of his life abroad living or traveling to about 90 countries. Author of three books in the United States and three others in Japan, he is America’s most experienced combat correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @Michael_Yon, and http://michaelyon.locals.com

The views expressed in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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