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Houston Police Chief Says He’s ‘Watching’ Dana Loesch. She Torches Him.

By  Ryan Saavedra

This week, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch smoked left-wing Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo after he made a creepy and harassing remark toward her, suggesting that he and his police department are “watching” her.

It all started when Acevedo wrote a controversial Facebook post with strong Democratic overtones that said that he was “not interested” in the public’s views on gun rights because, as he suggested, guns are “the problem.”

That message and some of Acevedo’s other far-left stances on issues drew the attention of Loesch, who called him out over it.

Acevedo hilariously responded like a child to some of the tweets put out by NRATV that featured comments made by Loesch, writing: “Bye forever or until we meet in court.”

Not intimidated, Loesch continued to call him out over his policies, which led to Acevedo saying that he and his department “we will be watching” her.

Acevedo was ill-prepared for what came next, as Loesch called out his insinuation that he might be having her surveilled. Loesch responded with the following series of tweets:

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