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Clinton Charity, Planned Parenthood Push Sex For Youth to Advance Lucrative Baby Killing Business

Underneath the layered euphemisms, the endless proud-to-kill-my-baby hashtags, the false cries of female empowerment while babies, at least half of whom are female, are slaughtered in the womb emitting real cries, there’s arguably the most imperative motive driving the abortion industry: Money. Lots of it.

Using women and girls as pawns, as usual, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the nation’s largest baby killing factory, Planned Parenthood, have teamed up to advance the lucrative business of abortion by pushing sex onto youth globally, in hopes of expanding their number of participants in the abortion market.

Planned Parenthood and Hillary’s so-called charity, the Clinton Global Initiative, which is tied to the scandalous pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, have teamed up to bring over 1,300 “Youth Peer Providers” to push “sex and birth control on their friends,” reports Life News. “The abortion company pushed its agenda on youth ‘across Africa and Latin America.'”

“As part of Planned Parenthood’s CGI Commitment to Action, Planned Parenthood Global has supported partners to reach more than two million adolescents and youth with sexual and reproductive health information and services since 2012, more than twice its original goal,” reads Planned Parenthood’s website. “Last year alone, Planned Parenthood Global supported partners in training more than 1,300 Youth Peer Providers.”

“Youth are our present and our future,” stated Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

“Planned Parenthood’s fulfillment of our Clinton Global Initiative commitment demonstrates our long-term vision to ensure everyone—no matter where they live— has access to [abortion],” she added.

The abortion factory was “actively involved in the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting to discuss its agenda and how it has successfully targeted young people worldwide with recruitment programs designed to program youth with its abortion agenda,” notes Life News.

“At the 2016 Annual Meeting, Planned Parenthood Global will announce a new commitment to support educators, activists, and providers to work together in coalition as champions for [abortion],” said the abortion mill, before the CGI annual meeting.

“Youth are our present and our future.”

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

This comes as no surprise, of course. In an unprecedented move, Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary during the Democratic presidential primary. Here’s why: The former secretary of state is as staunch pro-abortion as one can get, with seemingly zero limitations on when an unborn life can be spared by an abortionist’s forceps and scissors. Hillary has even included repealing the Hyde Amendment, which restricts tax-payers from funding abortion, in the Democratic Party platform for the first time ever.

To boot, Mrs. Clinton is known to dabble in “charity” with politics and money. This team-up to push sex on youth and subsequently expand the lucrative abortion market makes logical sense, and most Americans sick to their stomachs.

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