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Hillary Blames Election Loss On Men. Here’s Why She’s Right.

By  John Nolte

Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton is still blaming men for her latest election loss. During an appearance last week, she crybabied the following: “[C]ertainly, misogyny played a role. … I think in this election there was a very real struggle between what is viewed as change that is welcomed and exciting to so many Americans, and change which is worrisome and threatening,” she said, before adding, “And you layer on the first woman president over that[.]”

This of course is absurd. How can any woman blame sexism for a presidential loss in a country where women are The Majority? According to the 2016 exit polls, 53% of all voters were women compared to just 47% men. In America, women hold all the electoral power.

Hillary is not all wrong, though. If you look at the real reasons she lost, behind each one you will find… a man!

1. Likeability

Hillary Clinton is without question the most unlikable presidential candidate of my lifetime. Even Richard Nixon and Al Gore had their charming moments. Hillary, however, combines the superior coldness of Mitt Romney with the prickly temperament of John McCain.

This is not her fault.

This is her DNA, half of which came from her father (who is a man).

2. The Worst Presidential Candidate In History

Hillary has absolutely no skills as a campaigner or candidate. She is a horrible public speaker, a terrible debater, and utterly lacking in relating to the everyday voter.

This is not Hillary’s fault.

You hone yourself as a candidate through practice and adversity. These are skills you learn in the trenches, that you perfect through the rigors of knocking on doors and shaking hands at the most local of levels.

Because her husband, Bill Clinton (who is a man), let Hillary ride his coattails for 40 years; because Hillary’s limited success in electoral politics has nothing to do with her and everything to do with standing on her husband’s male shoulders, she never had the opportunity to learn the basics of campaigning.

3. The Most Corrupt Presidential Candidate In History

The fact that Hillary is corrupt is not her fault.

This corruption came from her access to the powerful, and that access would not have been possible had her husband (who is a man) not been president.

4. The Worst-Run Presidential Campaign In History

Hillary’s 2016 campaign was an unmitigated disaster. Everything from the narcissistic “I’m With Her” campaign slogan to the haughty idea that she was entitled to the presidency to the unbelievably stupid decision to go all-in on identity politics…

This is not Hillary’s fault.

Her campaign manager was Robby Mook (who is a man).

5. The Worst Secretary of State in History

Russia, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, Benghazi, exposing national security secrets to anyone capable of hacking into the home-brewed server sitting in her bathroom…

None of this is Hillary’s fault.

She never-ever should have been made Secretary of State in the first place. Hillary has no people skills, no real experience, and terrible judgment…

Despite all of this, she was still given the job by President Obama (who is a man).

6. The Laziest Presidential Candidate In History

The fact that Hillary would disappear from the campaign trail for days at a time is not her fault.

Hillary was certain she should be president, certain she would beat Trump, certain she had the election in the bag.


Because every mainstream media news outlet in the country told her so, and every mainstream media news outlet in the country is run by … a man.

7. The Email Scandal

It wasn’t Hillary’s emails that were drip-drip-dripped out by WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign.

It wasn’t Hillary who got suckered into giving up the goods in a phishing scam.

It wasn’t Hillary whose email password was “password.”

It was John Podesta (who is a man).

8. Hillary’s Misguided Belief In The Big Blue Wall

Hillary was certain she had nothing to worry about, certain her electoral victory was safely protected behind the Big Blue Wall of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Because the math made it impossible for Trump to win, she believed that she could either take a bunch of days off the campaign trail or try to build on her victory in states like Arizona.

As we all now know, Hillary lost all three of those states, in large part because her over-confidence assured her she did not have to spend any real money or time there.

Hillary did not visit Wisconsin even once during the general election.

This is not Hillary’s fault…

Nate Silver is a man.

Charlie Cook is a man.

Josh Katz is a man.

Chuck Todd is a man.

Adam Hooper is a man.

Jon Wiener is a man.

Karl Rove is a man.

CNN is run by a man.

Larry Sabato is a man.

Barack Obama is a man.

Fareed Zakaria is a man and a plagiarist.

If Hillary had better genes, had succeeded on her own instead of riding a man’s coattails, had not been handed the access to become hopelessly corrupt by a man, had not been given the opportunity to destroy Libya by a man, had not listened to her male campaign manager, and had not believed the male-dominated media that time and again told her she had the Oval Office in the bag… Hillary might be president today.

Or she might be a bitter, lonely, elderly, thrice-divorced Womyn’s Studies professor who grades papers while watching reruns of “Murder She Wrote.”

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