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Here’s All The Crazy Anti-American Crap ‘Clock Boy’ Has Been Posting Lately

Clock Boy, aka Ahmed Mohamed, the kid that brought a “clock” to his Texas high school that looked exactly like a bomb and then cried foul play after he was detained, suing his school for millions, has been trying to stay relevant by launching an anti-American crusade on Twitter.

Under the self-aggrandizing verified Twitter account @IStandWithAhmed, Clock Boy has commented on everything from Black Lives Matter to 9/11, impressively finding a way to bash America and spin everything in the news to fit his agenda of “Islamophobia”-grounded victimhood.

Here’s what Mohamed tweeted on 9/11, the day the nation mourned the loss of nearly 3,000 Americans who died after Islamic terrorists rammed their planes into the Twin Towers.

The false moral equivalence Mohamed draws here is disturbing. In comparing the American war against terror to a premeditated Islamic terrorist attack, he equates the United States, and by extension, the West, to barbaric jihadists hell-bent on enforcing Sharia law and killing all Americans who refuse to submit to an Islamic way of life.

Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not, Mohamed’s suggestion that the US intentionally targets Muslims the same way Islamic terrorists target non-believers is patently absurd. Actually, it’s disgusting.

Check out another tweet posted seven days later. Here, Clock Boy demonizes US foreign policy, implying once again that America is deliberately attacking defenseless civilians rather than murderous Islamic terrorists. No, Ahmed, American troops hunting down Taliban and al-Qaida operatives isn’t immoral. You know what is, though? Framing a fight against terrorism as a bloodthirsty American colonial project.

In addition to his posts about 9/11 and American self-defense, Clock Boy has supported BLM activists like Shaun King, finding common cause in identity politics.

But the kid who moved to Qatar (yes, Qatar) after claiming that America was too racist seems to have an obsession with President Obama.

In fact, Clock Boy has retweeted hero-worshipping posts about Obama more than times than you could count.

Here’s his most recent Obama-loving retweet.

Here’s the one before that. You have to really like a politician to retweet a re-election post from November 2012 in August 2016…

To be fair, the love may be mutual. After all, President Obama was Ahmed’s number one fan; he was the one who invited Ahmed to the White House, initially granting Clock Boy his 15 minutes of fame.

In recent months, Ahmed has done quite a lot to tear into the Leftist allegation that he’s somehow an innocent victim of big bad American racists. Actually, Ahmed has single-handedly undermined the myth of the moderate Muslim. After suing the Texas police department, he fled to Qatar, an Islamic hellhole infamous for its abuse of women and subjugation of religious minorities. So much for tolerance. When reports surfaced that Ahmed had met with Muslim Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir, we all thought it couldn’t get worse. Well, it did. As The Daily Wire reported, Clock Boy’s “moderate” Muslim father may actually be a 9/11 truther and anti-American agitator.

All of this comes as the White House continues to sow racial strife and propagate the false narrative of “Islamophobia.”

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