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Here Are My Predictions On The College Football Playoff Final Four

The College Football Playoff rankings were released last night and while there will be discussion on why team ‘A’ is here and team ‘B’ is there, I wanted to go ahead and give my prediction on the final four heading into rivalry weekend.

Give me Georgia beating LSU to secure the number one spot.

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I do think the Buckeyes sneak past the Wolverines to lock up the number two seed. 

Now, here is where I see a little chaos.

I think Kansas State will beat Kansas this weekend. They will then go on to beat TCU in the Big-12 championship game, knocking the Horned Frogs out of the playoff.

I see USC dispatching Notre Dame, then doing the same to either Oregon or Washington in the Pac 12 championship game. It won’t be an easy task, but I think they will find a way to do it — so go ahead and give me the Trojans at number three.

That leaves one spot. And even though DJU has regressed closer to his old form rather than his new form, I do think Clemson wins their next two to lock up the fourth seed.

That would give four diff power 5 conferences representation in the playoff with only the Big-12 being left out of the dance.

Georgia vs Clemson should be a nice rematch of last year’s opening week and USC vs Ohio State would have more scoring than Jake Gyllenhaall at a sorority party. 

A lot can happen, and predictions are fragile. 

But the way I was brought up, scared money don’t make money.

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