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HAWORTH: Trump 2020: Five Things He Must Do To Win
US President Donald Trump arrives to speak during a rally at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida to officially launch his 2020 campaign on June 18, 2019.
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In no uncertain terms, Trump’s re-election campaign has experienced several major wobbles. While Biden’s lead in the polls has been reduced in recent days, there are many conservatives who are doubting whether Trump can retain the presidency if he continues along his current trajectory. Frankly, I am one of them.

However, there is hope. Here are five fundamental issues Donald Trump must address if he hopes to regain his momentum and defeat Joe Biden.

Biden’s Mental Health

The American Left have invested in Joe Biden, an aging candidate who is in clear mental decline. On a regular basis, he seems to stumble over simple sentences, announce that he is running for Senate, or forget where he is. It seems that he can’t even directly defend his mental state:

“I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical and mental fill…my physical as well as my mental fill…fitness.”

If this statement doesn’t act as blood in the water for Republicans with Donald Trump asking the American public to judge Biden’s mental fill…fill…fitness, then the Trump campaign simply does not deserve to win in November.

The subject of the mental capabilities of candidates should not be taboo, and certainly hasn’t been when it comes to Republican candidates. If anything, the mental stability of the most powerful man or woman in the world should be the public’s top concern. With that in mind, Joe Biden proved himself to be fundamentally unfit for the role of president. Isolated at home, under no pressure whatsoever, he couldn’t even pronounce the word “fitness” while asking the American public to judge his fitness.

Rather than wasting time boasting about the apparently exemplary results of his own cognitive test, all Trump needs to do is play this clip of Biden on repeat, and say the word “fitness.” Game over.

Vice President 

To put it bluntly, with Joe Biden’s rapid decline on full display, it’s unlikely that Biden will remain in office for a full term. He has even stated that “I view myself as a transition candidate.” This means that Joe Biden’s choice of Vice President is profoundly impactful, given that we could find ourselves with an unelected president for only the fifth time in United States history if Biden’s presidency ends prematurely.

For weeks, Biden has repeatedly delayed the announcement of his running mate. The reason for this is likely that Biden – or more likely his staff – understands that his vice presidential candidates are only going to broaden the range of criticisms which can be launched against his campaign.

The political attacks write themselves when we consider the potential candidates under consideration. Susan Rice, the rumored front-runner, will be hit with the Benghazi scandal and her involvement in the infamous Michael Flynn case. Kamala Harris will be undone with a combination of Tulsi Gabbard’s destruction of Harris’ campaign and the fact that Harris accused Joe Biden of being racist before endorsing him weeks later. Karen Bass has a history of praising communists, Stacey Abrams is famous for nothing other than trying to fail upward, and Elizabeth Warren’s history of sporadic Native American heritage speaks for itself.

Regardless of Biden’s eventual choice, Trump and his campaign must take advantage of this continued hesitancy by criticizing both Biden’s choice of candidates and the lack of decisiveness when it comes to selecting Biden’s likely replacement.

Communism and Socialism 

When you look at the Democratic Party’s platform, you would assume that Bernie Sanders had been nominated as the Left’s candidate to face Trump. The radicalism of Biden’s manifesto, and the fact that he has fearfully flipped on fundamental positions, stands as evidence that Biden is a Trojan Horse for the insidious wave of communist, socialist, and Marxist ideologies which threaten to engulf American thought.

While the notion of the United States as a socialist nation is undeniably terrifying, the danger posed also presents Trump with the ability to change the focus of the election. Rather than its current state – a referendum on Trump and his personality – Trump has the opportunity to reshape the election to be a referendum on socialism. In 2019, 51% of Americans had a negative opinion of socialism, and if the election becomes a matter of embracing or rejecting socialism, Trump will remain in the White House until 2024.


For the first time in decades, conservatives have an opportunity to destroy the Left’s assumed monopoly on the subject of race. The root of this strategy has two components – Trump’s non-political history and Biden’s inability to avoid saying the quiet part out loud.

The Left routinely take minority voting blocs for granted. While career politicians will find it difficult to overcome the absurd premise that Democrats are the only valid choice for minority communities, Donald Trump should use his past popularity amongst leaders who now despise him as evidence of their partisan “hackery.” For example, Al Sharpton (to whom any Democratic hopeful must bend the knee) called Donald Trump a “white nationalist.” Trump should disintegrate Sharpton’s undeserved authority – and therefore all partisan hyperbole from other “leaders” – by questioning why Sharpton openly embraced him until the moment he became a Republican.

In addition to surfacing the Left’s clear lack of racial principles, Joe Biden’s recent history of unquestionable racism should enable conservatives to wrestle control of the racial narrative from the Democratic Party. Just in the past few days, Biden has used the term “junkie” during an interview with a black reporter when asked whether he had taken a cognitive test, and stated that the Latino community is diverse, “unlike the African American community.”

Again, Trump’s strategy must be to hold Biden’s statements up for all to see, and to ask how the Left would react if Trump used the term “junkie” during an interview with a black reporter, or insinuated a lack of diversity among African Americans. The Left’s silence on both Biden’s mental instability and his clear racism should be damning. It’s up to Trump to make it so.


Finally, it is clear that the overt politicization of COVID-19 is the Left’s last remaining strategy to unseat Donald Trump. For weeks, they have characterized the federal government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as an abject failure. The attempt to fuel the spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome has resulted in the dismissal of basic truths, such as China’s clear culpability for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Again, Trump must redirect this criticism by refactoring the topic of debate. When blamed for the impact of COVID-19, Trump should simply echo the praise his administration received from the Democratic state governors and mayors whose policies are responsible for the bulk of the American COVID-19 death rate. When blamed for the spread of COVID-19, Trump should place the blame for COVID-19 squarely at the feet of the deceptive Chinese Communist Party, and remind the American public that the Left’s response to Trump’s travel restriction from China (which likely saved thousands of lives) was simply to accuse him of racism.

The debate surrounding COVID-19 can be leveraged to present American voters with simple binary decisions. The election can be a choice between being supportive or critical of the Chinese Communist Party, remembering that the majority of Americans have unfavorable views of the communist dictatorship. The election can be a choice between the Republican and Democratic response to COVID-19, noting that the death toll is “heavily concentrated in Democratic congressional districts.” Finally, the election can be a choice between the Democratic Party’s endorsement of lawless rioting and the notion of law and order.

These questions have obvious answers for most Americans. It’s up to Trump to make the election focus on these questions.


Joe Biden should be a gift to conservatives. He is in clear mental decline. His unwillingness to announce a running mate is either a sign of uncertainty or fear. He has become a gormless puppet of the socialist Left. He demonstrates the absurd hypocrisy of the Left’s claim of moral superiority when it comes to race. He represents a Party who are responsible for much of the failure surrounding COVID-19, including the death rate in some Democratic areas, the politically correct attempt to defend the Chinese Communist Party, and the violent riots which have left cities in ashes.

It is up to Donald Trump to seize this opportunity, and present the American public with binary decisions which leave them with no choice but to vote for him. If he loses, then he will be to blame for the potentially irreversible injection of radical Leftism into the American political psyche. For that reason, he must win.

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