Have Faith … In Masks: The Left’s Religious View Of The COVID-19 Plague

CHESTER, PA - OCTOBER 26: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden puts on a face mask while speaking to reporters at a voter mobilization center on October 26, 2020 in Chester, Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, Tuesday, October 27 is the last day to request a mail-in ballot or to vote early in person.
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For decades, the Left have been broadly anti-religion. Instead, they prefer to worship buzzwords while scoffing at those who demonstrate any level of faith in a concept which cannot be replicated in a lab, preaching the need for facts, evidence, and science.  The most derisive of all responses is reserved for the United States’ largest religious group: Christians.

However, as the world has been ravaged by the plague of the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed by the Chinese communist government, the Left’s attitude towards the virus has demonstrated — once and for all — not only that their own ideology is far from scientific, but that it is built on the same supposed farcical concepts of faith they themselves despise.

“And the blood will be for you for a sign upon the houses where you will be, and I will see the blood and skip over you, and there will be no plague to destroy [you] when I smite the [people of the] land of Egypt.” – Exodus 12:13

In the book of Exodus, in order to be protected from the 10th and final plague — death of the firstborn — the Israelites were instructed to mark their doorposts with the blood of a lamb. Today, masks have become the blood on our doorposts, and wearing one protects us from the plague. While masks can certainly help when worn properly in appropriate situations, the lazy slogan application of the retort “wear a mask” has long since abandoned the notion of scientific justification and instead fully embraced the laughable idea that any scrap of cloth across our face is effective.

Those who adhere to the demand to “mask up” are able to prove their loyalty. Those who don’t, regardless of any relevant context or reasoning, are traitors to the cause. A viral Judas, if you will.

Another entirely religious concept being applied heavily by the supposedly pro-science Left is that of sacrifice. The value of sacrificing property, possessions, or one’s own life to God is referenced on multiple occasions throughout the Bible, and features in other religions too. The same logic is being applied to the sacrifices demanded of the country, in return for our “protection” from COVID-19.

The crucial detail intentionally ignored, of course, is that sacrifice is a voluntary act. To fight to protect our family and friends, risking physical harm in the process, is a sacrifice. Deciding to forgo the potential of a lucrative career in favor of caring for a family member is a sacrifice. In many ways, deciding to cease the consumption and abuse of drugs or alcohol is a sacrifice.

Forcing the population to adhere to entirely unscientific COVID-19 policies is not a sacrifice. Voluntarily destroying the economy and dragging the country into a man-made recession is not a sacrifice. Mandating the behavior of others is not a sacrifice. Nor is it a sacrifice to demand that the average citizen acts one way while our “leaders” shamelessly flaunt their own rules. Moreover, when the Bible speaks of sacrifice, it speaks of sacrificing to God. When Democrats talk of sacrifice, they mean submitting to the overwhelming power of the state. The idea that government is god is hardly uncommon among the radical Left.

No, the only things being sacrificed in this instance are our logic, reason and freedom. Politicians, acting out of ineptitude, fear, and/or an authoritarian hunger for power are relying on the language of faith and religion in order to trick us into kneeling before them. By pivoting away from an alleged respect for science and toward the deliberately unverifiable lexicon of religion, they hope to avoid recognizing the truth — that much of our lives is simply out of our control — and distract us with false promises while they continue to escape taking responsibility for the damage they have willingly done.

Science may help us fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Blind faith in politicians who have no respect for science, however, will not.

Ian Haworth is host of The Ian Haworth Show and The Truth in 60 Seconds. Follow him on Twitter at @ighaworth.

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