Hamas-Supporting Democrats — And Why The Democrats Won’t Condemn Them


Why, precisely, is there a caucus in the United States Congress that openly sympathizes and lies on behalf of a Jew-hating genocidal terrorist group?

That question should be on the lips of every American today after watching Rashida Tlaib, elected Congresswoman from Michigan, lead an insurrectionist protest into a Congress building in solidarity with Hamas.

Tlaib has spent her entire political career hating Jews. She has routinely equated Jews defending themselves from Hamas terrorism with Hamas terrorism. She routinely denounces Israel as an “apartheid state,” but has never found it in her heart to condemn either Hamas or Hezbollah.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Tlaib has ties to a pro-Palestine activist who praised Hezbollah … for attacking “S**tsreal.” … Tlaib has met repeatedly with a Michigan-based newspaper publisher who claims Hezbollah has made Lebanon “safer.” Two of Tlaib’s campaign bundlers have pushed anti-Israel and pro-terrorist views. … Another Tlaib ally, Salah Sarsour, has been accused of financing Hamas through front groups in the 1990s, according to FBI documents. Sarsour, an official at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, organized fundraisers for Tlaib in 2018 and 2020. 

Abbas Hamideh, a Palestinian activist who cheered that “Hezbollah slaughtered S**tsreal,” attended Tlaib’s 2019 swearing-in.

In short, it is no mystery where Rashida Tlaib stands. She stands with Hamas and other genocidal anti-Jewish terror groups. She made that even clearer this week when she issued no denunciation of Hamas specifically, or their massacre of 1,500 Jews, instead blaming their anti-Jewish pogrom on American funding of Israel’s “apartheid government.” 

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And then, yesterday, Tlaib promoted a blood libel.

On Tuesday, a failed Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket landed in a parking lot next to a hospital. Hamas promptly lied and blamed the Israelis, and claimed 500 dead. The claim was quickly debunked by radar data, video data, and audio data.

No matter. Here’s what Tlaib said at a pro-Hamas rally at the Capitol:

[We] continue to watch people think it’s okay to bomb a hospital where children — you know what’s so hard sometimes is watching those videos and the people telling the kids, “Don’t cry.” … Let them cry. And they’re shaking, and somebody, you know this, they keep telling them not to cry in Arabic. They can cry. I can cry. We all can cry. If we’re not crying, something is wrong.

I think the White House and everyone thinks that we’re just going to sit back and let this just continue to happen. No. The fact of the matter is our lives are not safe … When are we gonna feel safe? When are we going to stop funding continued literally oppression of indigenous communities? When are we gonna say enough?

Tlaib supports terrorists. She has done so consistently throughout her career. She openly calls for the eradication of the Jewish state, supporting, instead, a “secular one-state outcome” — which would, of course, devolve into an Islamic state. She has never at any point expressed any discontent about the presence of some 55 Islamic states on the planet, naturally.

And yet the media have treated Tlaib as a great light-bringer. The New York Times ran a glowing piece about Tlaib in 2022, explaining in breathless terms,

She changed the Israeli-Palestinian debate in Congress by reminding her colleagues of the human stakes. It’s a burden she would rather not carry.

Tlaib isn’t the only member of the Hamas Caucus, of course. Ilhan Omar is a founding member. Like Tlaib, she parrots Hamas talking points, down to the lie that Israel bombed the hospital. She, like Tlaib, is a supporter of the so-called Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement that seeks the extermination of the state of Israel. She believes Israel “hypnotized the world.” She blames Republican support for Israel on “the Benjamins” — parroting the notion that Jews pay off Congresspeople to support Israel. She compared Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban to one another. 

And yet Democrats continue to avoid directly condemning either Tlaib or Omar.

Meanwhile, other adjunct members of the Hamas Caucus continue to gain credibility in Democratic circles. In June of this year, nine Democrats, including AOC, voted against a resolution in Congress declaring that Israel is “not a racist or apartheid state” and stating that the United States “will always be a staunch partner and supporter of Israel.” Those eight other Democrats include Jamaal Bowman, Summer Lee, Cori Bush, Andre Carson, Delia Ramirez, Ayanna Pressley, and Pramila Jayapal. AOC wept openly on the floor of the House when the House passed funding to re-arm Israel’s defensive Iron Dome.

So, why does the Democratic Party have such a tough time dissociating from its terror-supporting members? Why do they suddenly suffer from acute amnesia when asked to simply condemn their comments?

The answer is obvious.

Too many Democrats have invested too much in a political strategy that is deeply dependent on a single lie: that there is an intersectional coalition of the oppressed that must be united in order to tear down the root institutions of a corrupt Western society.

In this view, BLM is the same as Hamas is the same as the Democratic Socialists of America is the same as the radical LGBTQ movement. All are necessary cogs in a machine designed to wreck the West in the name of the so-called marginalized — a machine designed to tear down the supposed hierarchy dominated by white male Christians.

For a long time, many in the liberal Jewish community thought they could be part of this club. After all, haven’t Jews been historically victimized? Aren’t they a minority?

They were wrong, of course. It turns out that the Jews are too white and too disproportionately successful for the liking of the intersectional coalition. In this view, as Whoopi Goldberg once said, even the Holocaust was merely white-on-white crime. And when Hamas terrorists murder Jewish babies, well, that’s just decolonization.

The Democratic Party cannot throw out the Hamas Caucus without also recognizing the failure of its new core ideology. If it turns out that disproportionate poverty and failure among certain groups is not the result of Western civilization itself — that Hamas can be brown and poor and also evil, and that their evil is not the result of supposed Jewish colonization or exploitation — that undermines the entire coalitional strategy. And that can’t be tolerated.

The Democratic Party does have another road. They could simply make the case for Left-wing policies on their own merits — on the basis of redistributionism or efficacy.

But they won’t. They have staked too much in their intersectional future to toss out the terror supporters. And so, they will likely continue to promote the Hamas Caucus.

And Jew-hatred will grow.

And the collapse of the West will accelerate.


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