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GOP Congressional Candidate Explains Personal Importance Of Second Amendment

By  Ryan
Lisa Song Sutton
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Lisa Song Sutton, GOP candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, explained in a recent interview how a traumatic experience helped shape her strong pro-Second Amendment views.

During an interview with 8 News NOW’s Steve Sebelius, Sutton said that she grew up learning to be responsible with firearms because her father was in the military.

“For me, especially as a woman, I understand the need for self-defense and I understand that a firearm is the quickest, most efficient way to equalize a dangerous situation,” Sutton said. “I’ve had 2 stalkers in my life, one of which broke into my townhouse … after you go through an experience like that you make a promise to yourself that you will never be a victim again. … If I’m ever attacked in my home again, they’re getting a .45 to the face.”


Women are among the fastest-growing demographics in the United States to be purchasing firearms.

“Women are one of the fastest-growing segments of the shooting sports business,” said Don Grier, owner of Prescott Gun Club. “Of the retailers surveyed over the last year or so, 70 percent have seen an increase in their business from women shooters.”

Full interview:

Sutton, 34, launched her campaign in late July with a video she posted on Twitter, writing: “At the start of a campaign, the usual playbook is to release an ‘Intro Video’ with the following: 1. Hello! I’m running for office. 2. Negative info about the other party. 3. Negative info about their opponent. 4. Direct ask for money. Let’s be different!”

In an interview earlier this month with The Daily Wire, Sutton a business owner and former Miss Nevada United States, also expressed strong support for the Second Amendment.

1. What inspired you to get into politics?

Politics was never in the plan for me. I have previously been focused on my companies and community work. However, when I opened the second location of my shipping store last year, I saw how much need was in the community. People have no access to basic amenities, like grocery stores. Veterans aren’t being served, and the community is forgotten. This area in the District opened my eyes to a larger problem: communities not being served by career politicians. This, coupled with my own examination of our state representatives, and realizing that we don’t have a voice for business owners, we don’t have a voice for millennials, and we don’t have a voice of someone actually engaged in the community, I knew I had to step up.

2. As the daughter of a Korean immigrant, what do you say to immigrants in the U.S. who listen to organizations like CNN and believe that the president is racist and that enforcing immigration law and securing the border is racist?

Look, no one is against legal immigration. Anyone is welcome to come here, work hard, and achieve their version of the American dream. We can no longer ignore the fact that insecure borders are a threat to national security. I have a cousin who formally served with Border Patrol along the Arizona/Mexico border. I have heard the stories about how our men and women who are boots on the ground there, are completely inundated. We need to provide them with more resources, and that means physical barriers where needed, more manpower, and more technology so that they can do their job.

3. Why should minorities vote Republican, and how should the party reach out to them?

I know many minorities who are Republicans, and it’s because we are a party that values work ethic and personal responsibility. In fact, the majority of minorities I know who are also Republicans are all business owners. We are the party of entrepreneurs and innovation. We don’t cloak ourselves in victimhood and cry, “woe is me” every time things don’t go our way. We pick ourselves up and take control of the situation. We make the choice for the direction we want to go in.

Read Sutton’s full interview with The Daily Wire here.

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