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Ghislaine Maxwell Misled Court On Marriage Status And Wealth, Judge Argues While Denying Bail Again
Founder, Terrama Ghislaine Maxwell attends the 4th Annual WIE Symposium at Center 548 on September 20, 2013 in New York City.
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Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madam of the late millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, was denied bail once again, receiving a sharp rebuke from U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan for misleading the court about her marital status and wealth.

When Maxwell was arrested in July on charges of procuring underage girls for Epstein, she refused to name her husband and claimed she was divorcing him.

“The defendant now argues that her newly revealed relationship with her spouse signals her deep affective ties in the country, but at the time she was arrested, she was not living with him and claimed to be getting divorced,” Nathan wrote when denying Maxwell’s $28.5 million bail package.

Maxwell is apparently married to CargoMetrics CEO Scott Borgerson and claimed the couple was devoted to each other and living together in Manchester, Massachusetts, to emphasize that she was not a flight risk.

The New York Post reported that prosecutors said Maxwell told pretrial services that she and her husband were planning to divorce. Her lawyers have claimed in court filings that she was doing this to “protect” him “from the terrible consequences of being associated with her.”

Nathan reminded the court that Maxwell wasn’t found living with her husband in Massachusetts, but in a compound in New Hampshire, and the British Socialite was prepared to live with a friend if released on bail, “undercutting her argument that that relationship would create an insurmountable burden to her fleeing.”

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In another blow to Maxwell’s bid for freedom, the judge called her out for a “pattern of providing incomplete or erroneous information to the court or to pretrial services.”

The accused child abuser claimed at the time of her arrest she was worth just $.3.5 million — leaving out Borgerson’s assets and those that had been transferred to a trust. In her latest financial disclosures, she admitted that she and Borgerson’s net worth was about $22.5 million.

Nathan wrote that this disparity “makes it unlikely that the misrepresentation was the result of the defendant’s misestimation rather than misdirection.”

“That lack of candor raises significant concerns as to whether the court has now been provided a full and accurate picture of her finances,” Nathan added.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, Maxwell’s attorneys referenced the slain son of New Jersey Judge Ester Salas in an attempt to keep her bail motion a secret.

“Given the sensitive subject matter of this case, the sureties have legitimate fears for their safety if they are publicly identified,” wrote Maxwell attorney Christian Everdell in a motion filed November 30.

“As we have all been recently reminded with the tragic case of the death of Judge Esther Salas’s son, there are people who are capable of committing horrible acts of violence — even against innocent third parties — by convincing themselves that their actions are justified,” the motion added.

As The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra previously reported, Salas’ son and husband were shot in July after she was assigned to a class-action lawsuit filed by a group of investors against Deutsche Bank, involving questionable transactions from Epstein.

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