From Street To Studio: Tim Pool Fighting Antifa And Media Bias
Tim Pool, an independent reporter uses his cell phone to broadcast live stream on the internet during a day of action with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, on Wednesday, February 29, 2012. (Photo by Ramin Talaie/Corbis via Getty Images)
Ramin Talaie/Corbis via Getty Images

The most accurate information always comes from a first-hand account. That’s why commentator, journalist, and youtuber, Tim Pool started his journalism career on the ground. Traveling the streets, Pool captured the political upheavals that transpired overnight in Egypt, Ukraine, and Sweden. 

But Pool’s trip to Sweden was unlike his others.

At the time, Pool had just ended his contract with the newly “wokified” Fusion news-site and began an independent youtube channel with his own on-site reporting. He was vlogging on Sweden’s crime and refugee crisis, when Trump made his now-famous “look at Sweden” remark during a Florida rally, causing the media to blow up. Pool then began receiving messages from journalist colleagues urging him not to investigate the story in Sweden. 

“Don’t do this one,” they would read, “Trump’s lying.” 

From this point on, Pool knew something was changing in the world of journalism. “They got really, really mad at me and that was when I could see this weird split starting to emerge,” Pool recalled. 

Now deep in the political media world as host of “Timcast,” Tim Pool is all too aware of the struggle for truth among the tangle of narratives spun by the legacy media. In last week’s “Sunday Special” interview, Pool met with Editor Emeritus, Ben Shapiro, to talk about this ongoing tension and the hard-hitting facts about the election, Antifa, and the continued efforts of the mainstream media to obscure those facts.

It’s challenging to put a political label on Pool, who acknowledged that he holds “a weird position.” 

“I’m kind of this heterodox individual — don’t really fit necessarily anywhere. Although I think I’ve been classified as like cultural right-wing, whatever that means. But my political positions are kind of just like where Democrats used to be,” described Pool. 

But with the rise of the cancel culture mob, Pool has found this works to his advantage as a commentator and journalist. “It doesn’t really work very well for the mainstream media to smear me as some kind of conspiracy theorist, when I don’t make an assertion beyond ‘here’s a fact,’” Pool told Shapiro.

Pool’s journey from street to studio was not freely chosen. While reporting on a variety of movements, including Occupy Wall Street, Proud Boys, and Antifa, his desire was to purely “cover what [was] happening on the ground.” 

Yet, Pool explained, “by telling the truth, these extremists and Antifa-type people were attacking me and threatening me.” 

“So I slowly stopped doing it because it was getting more and more dangerous,” Pool concluded.

But this hasn’t stopped Pool from answering the hard questions about 2020 politics. 

The election turmoil brewing in the nation was a major point of issue for Pool, who affirmed that we are witnessing a “kind of millennial bias” in the post-election processes.

“This is a really, really close race,” Pool noted. “It doesn’t make sense to say, ‘Joe Biden won,’ when there’s a legal process, you know, happening. Several states are too close to call still. The media has just decided this is it, ‘Joe Biden won, it’s over!’”

So while Trump is fighting battle’s in court, “it’s almost like they’re trying to tell us ‘Joe Biden won’ to convince us,” suggested Pool. 

One of Pool’s greatest fears is that the legitimacy of our election process could be threatened if the media continues to leave important questions unanswered.

“You’re gonna find a bunch of people saying in a sworn affidavit, ‘I saw this thing happen.’ You can’t just ignore that and say, ‘we will do nothing,’” urged Pool. “You have to let people know we’re doing everything in our power to clean up any potential errors so they view this election as legitimate. I mean, if Joe Biden really does get certified as the winner, he gets inaugurated, but they don’t look into this stuff, it would undermine his presidency, because you’ve got 72.2 million people now who have voted for Donald Trump.”

“I think everybody deserves to look at these affidavits or these whistleblowers and just say, ‘you know, is it going to change the election? Maybe it won’t. But we should investigate,’” argued Pool.

Despite Biden-favoring results, the uncertainty of the election has brought Trump supporters to the streets in recent days, along with opposition from Antifa.

“Apparently the media calling it for Joe Biden did nothing to change their minds,” observed Pool. 

“And in fact,” Pool continued, “I think it’s only likely to escalate if we do enter a Joe Biden administration. Because certainly, Joe Biden won’t be strong enough to deal with these groups that are pressuring him, and attacking him, and getting violent.”

Antifa has often been reduced to simply an idea and, while Pool agrees that it does encompass an idea, he also says there is much more to it. 

“It’s not necessarily wrong to say that they’re a movement or an idea but it’s the individual cells that we’re talking about,” said Pool. Antifa members, many of whom are authoritarian communists, he added, “typically agree with each other on their cause and their means to the end.”

“So you actually have a loose-knit group of various cells that coordinate with each other using violence against their political opponents — for the most part instigating it outright to win.”

The difficulty, Pool alludes, is bringing these facts into the public light. 

Because the Left is far more successful at “street-level organizing than the Right,” he told Shapiro, the media either cannot figure out what Antifa actually is or “outright defends them on purpose.”

“So long as you have these mainstream resistance-type Democrats who hate Trump, they won’t call these groups out,” maintained Pool.

Their actions, Pool claims, have been able to so easily slide under the radar because they claim they use a “diversity of tactics.” “The reality is these groups say ‘respect our diversity of tactics’ because that’s code for getting violent and hurting people.” 

Pool believes the key is not getting caught up in the semantics of the name Black Lives Matter or anti-fascist, the cloaks under which Antifa often hides, but rather focusing on the actions themselves. 

“Most people just read the headline,” Pool asserted. “They just they don’t actually investigate what the story is.” 

But those that Pool know who have made the political transition from liberal to conservative, no Trump to Trump, or those who just left the “woke cult,” did it “because they started doing their own research.”

Watch Pool’s full interview with Shapiro 

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