Forbes Prove Their Bias By Listing Stacey Abrams As One Of The World’s ‘Most Powerful Women’

Political bias against conservative women is one “glass ceiling” they won’t be rushing to break down.
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 3: Former Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams speaks at the National Action Network's annual convention, April 3, 2019 in New York City. A dozen 2020 Democratic presidential candidates will speak at the organization's convention this week. Founded by Rev. Al Sharpton in 1991, the National Action Network is one of the most influential African American organizations dedicated to civil rights in America.
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Earlier this week, Forbes Magazine announced “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women of 2020.” The article includes a foreword by Maggie McGrath, an associate editor at Forbes and editor of ForbesWomen, in which she lauds Kamala Harris’ prepared debate response of “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking” as a “rallying cry for women across America.” She celebrates the diversity of those listed, saying that the women “hail from 30 countries and were born across four generations,” and that there are “10 heads of state, 38 CEOs and five entertainers among them.” 

“But where they differ in age, nationality and job description,” McGrath writes, “they are united in the ways they have been using their platforms to address the unique challenges of 2020.” The introduction ends with an entire paragraph dedicated to Stacey Abrams’ “deft use of power” during the presidential election, and that “due to that continued work, along with the efforts of so many women like her, … the words of the soon-to-be vice president will come to fruition.”

Like so many others who claim to idolize “diversity” above all else, Forbes’ absurd inclusion of Abrams over others demonstrates that, despite the claim that this group of women are “united in the ways they have been using their platforms,” there is a distinct anti-conservative bias in the world of media when it comes to conservative women. When we filter the list by country and the “politics and policy” category, no such diversity is anywhere to be found among American women.

Three American women are included in this list relating to the “politics and policy” category. Kamala Harris is listed at No.3, incorrectly described as having “become the first woman in American history elected to the vice presidency.” McGrath defined Harris as “Vice President-elect” during her introduction. Neither Biden nor Harris are technically elected yet, with multiple election challenges still working their way through the court system.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was included at No. 7, understandable given that she is the “highest-ranking elected woman in the country and second-in-line for the presidency.” Then, at No. 100, Stacey Abrams. According to Forbes Magazine, Stacey Abrams is the 100th most powerful woman in the world.

What utter nonsense.

While Abrams’ bizarre notoriety has become a running joke for conservatives, including laughing at the continued insistence that Abrams is the one, true Governor of Georgia, it’s important to push back objectively when the false image of one person is being used as a wider veil to deceive others more broadly. Abrams’ profile includes the claim that “observers” attributed her loss in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race by 55,000 votes to “voter suppression.” The sole reason for her inclusion is spread across multiple bullet points, discussing claims about her “voting rights organization,” Fair Fight.

The entire basis of Abrams’ inclusion is the false claim that she lost an election in 2018 due to voter suppression, and the assumed claim that she was instrumental in flipping Georgia blue. Given the achievements and impact of other women on Forbes’ list, one may ask why other conservative women are missing. Ivanka Trump? Melania Trump? Lara Trump? Candace Owens? Kristi Noem? Nikki Haley? Laura Ingraham? Kellyanne Conway?

While the potential “changing of the guard” could certainly justify the exclusion of these figures, are we seriously suggesting that Stacey Abrams — who holds no office and whose fame and influence is entirely manufactured — is more “powerful” than any of them? If the focus is on Georgia, surely real-life Senator Kelly Loeffler holds more “power” than imaginary Governor Abrams?

Collating such a list is undoubtedly a challenging task, with countless women of undeniable merit standing as potential candidates. However, by making the ridiculous claim that Stacey Abrams is one of the most powerful women in the world, Forbes has yet again shown that the political bias against conservative women is one “glass ceiling” they won’t be rushing to break down.

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