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Fiorina Fires Back at ‘The View’ for Attacking Her Appearance

By  James

On “Fox News Sunday,” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina rebuked the hypocritical women on ABC’s insufferable show “The View” for attacking her appearance just a few weeks after having lectured Donald Trump for doing the same.

Thursday, the women on “The View” unleashed a petty critique of Fiorina’s appearance. “You know what Carly said which really made me laugh?” said Michelle Collins. “She kicked off her thing saying, ‘You know, people tell me that I didn’t smile enough during the last debate.’” Collins then gave her worst impression of Fiorina’s smile, adding, “She looked demented! Her mouth did not downturn one time.”

The other women joined in, including Joy Behar, who said, “I wish it was a Halloween mask,” (an idea Collins loved), and Whoopi Goldberg, who defended the “demented” description.

Fiorina responded to the ugly segment Sunday by pointing out that the women said “none of that to my face” when she was on the show a few months back. The episode, Fiorina argued, was yet more proof of the “double standard” of liberal feminists.

“I was on ‘The View’ several months ago. She said none of that to my face,” said Fiorina.

“There is nothing more threatening to the liberal media in general and Hillary Clinton in particular than a conservative woman, so of course there’s a double standard. Conservative women from Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann to Carly Fiorina are long used to this. It will not stop me,” said the ex-HP CEO, adding, “Maybe if I come back on again, let’s see if they have the guts to say that to my face,” she added.

“…let’s see if they have the guts to say that to my face.”

Carly Fiorina

“I think what these women represent is a set of liberal feminists who believe that if you do not agree with them on their liberal orthodoxy that you don’t count, that somehow you’re not a woman,” she continued. “See, I know that women represent half the nation, so of course our views are going to be as diverse as men’s. I also know that unless and until women’s potential is fully unlocked—and women have been crushed under the Obama economy—we will not be as good a nation.”

Saying she’s “tired of being insulted by liberal feminists,” Fiorina maintained that “every issue is a woman’s issue” and so she would “continue to stand up, stand strong, talk about what I believe in.” As a result, she said, she’s “Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.”

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