Feminist Author: When I See Women Reading Books By ‘Dead, Usually White’ Males, I Want To Replace Them With Books By Women


Danielle Lazarin, writer of renowned short stories and author of Back Talk, did a press interview with Signature. In that interview, she suggested books she’d love women to read. But leading off the interview, she made this asinine statement:

Every time I see a woman in public reading a book by a man (usually dead, usually white), I fantasize about offering her a book by a woman instead, replacing the male voices in her head with female ones one book at a time.

This, of course, is idiotic. Should women put down Tolstoy and pick up E.L. James? How about dropping Crime and Punishment and picking up Twilight? The notion that dead white males shouldn’t be read by women is an insult to women and a blot on the notion that quality matters in literature. But what Lazarin really means is that she wants women to read feminist, Leftist literature. Her book picks include The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service — sort of like the underground railroad, except for killing people in the womb; she praises the book, stating, “It’s a thrill to read about women literally taking power away from men who had exploited other women, and to witness the change their work created, even as their work was meant to be invisible.” Oh, the thrill of stopping a fetal heartbeat!

But does anyone think Lazarin would be a fan of, say, Ayn Rand? How about Flannery O’Connor? No?

The intersectionality politics of the Left isn’t just irritating, it makes us all dumber. It suggests that to be a true woman, you have to be a Leftist — and that in order to be a true woman, you must only listen to other Leftist women. What patronizing claptrap.