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Exit Polls Prove the National Media Was Soundly Defeated By New Media

While you read the following data from the 2016 exit polls, it is bigly important that you remember the last 18 months of election coverage that emanated from our elite national political media. Also, keep in mind that like pretty much everything else that came from the national media, these exit polls turned out to be wrong, and if any of the numbers below are wrong, they are so in Trump’s favor.

1. In 2012 women made up 53% of voters. In 2016 women made up 52% of voters. There was no surge of women voters.

2. In 2012 Hispanics made up 10% of voters. In 2016 Hispanics made up 11% of voters. There was no surge of Hispanic voters.

3. In 2012 Romney won 27% of Hispanics. In 2016 Trump won 29% of Hispanics. Trump did better with Hispanics than Romney.

4. In 2012 Romney won 6% of blacks. In 2016 Trump won 8% of blacks. Trump did better with blacks than Romney.

5. A mere 50% of voters believed Hillary won the three presidential debates, while 47% believe Trump did. The media told us to believe Trump had been pulverized.

6. In 2012 Romney lost the woman vote by 11 points. In 2008 McCain lost women by 13 points. In 2016 Trump lost the woman vote by 12 points. Trump did better than McCain.

Again, look at those numbers and think about the national media coverage of this election over the last year and a half… Think about an elite media that openly, belligerently, and with great Pompous Fanfare tossed away every journalistic ethic involving objectivity and fairness with the stated goal of destroying a single man.

And how did the media intend to do this?

Quite specifically, the coordinated goal of every headline, cable news hour, nightly newcast, blog post and tweet, was to destroy any chance Donald Trump had of becoming president by cratering his support among women, blacks and Hispanics.

Billions of dollars, millions of broadcast hours, gallons of ink, relentless tweets, terabyte upon terabyte, all devoted to a single purpose, and…

It. Did. Not. Even. Move. The. Needle.

We won, y’all.

After more than a decade of storming online to expose the national media as the serial-lying, double dealing, leftwing anarchists and activists they truly are, we have finally beaten them.

At long last our efforts to use truth to expose the media for what they truly are has resulted in these insulated, lying, cultural supremacists finding themselves so de-legitimized, so marginalized, so distrusted, disliked, and resented, that they could not do it … Summoning all of their mighty and evil powers, firing everything they had, leaving nothing on the field … they could not do it.

And the beauty of it is that the media’s targets were so precise. Everything they had was geared towards a fear-mongering hate campaign specifically designed to convince women, blacks, and Hispanics not to vote for Trump.

Moreover, the campaign was so dishonest that for 18 months we were told over and over again that the Precious Data proved poetic justice was on the way … that Trump would lose these groups by spectacular numbers.

All of those lies, all of that propaganda, and … they failed.

The war against the media can now enter a new phase, because it is they who are now on defense, it is they who find themselves powerless.

While we must stay vigilant against media bias, while we must never take our boot off the necks of these lying fascists, the war against the media can now enter a new phase, because it is they who are now on defense, it is they who find themselves powerless, it is they who for the first time are faced with a Republican president who neither fears nor respects them.

So, yes, remain vigilant, keep exposing their lies. But do keep in mind that the only way to finally and forever grind them to ash is through the continued building of our own media. Because I am convinced that the mammoth leap right-leaning media took between 2012 and 2016 is why we now living in this glorious place I like to call Donald Trump’s America.

Say what you want about them but Breitbart News, InfoWars, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, World Net Daily, Michelle Malkin, Newsbusters, Hot Air, The Washington Examiner, Drudge … they have given voters an alternative place to go, and not just for opinion but for NEWS, for actual journalism… and of course, we now have the distribution pipeline of social media where every engaged American can go around the corrupted and rotted MSM filter to spread the truth.

The national political media is never going to change. They are an insulated clique lousy with left-wing activists… There is no shaming them, there is no amount of money they aren’t willing to lose, there is nothing that will ever stop a neo-Stalinst from being a neo-Stalinist.

So our job is to keep on keeping on… The Giants in New Media need to expand and grow, need to further smother the Acela Liars. You and I, the everyday folks, we need to continue to troll and mock the media on Twitter and Facebook, continue to delegitimize and marginalize this scourge. Don’t let them up, don’t let them breathe, don’t give an inch, ever.

And do it with joy in your hearts.

The MSM Emperor has been exposed as having no clothes.

We won, and now we must celebrate by piling on the naked Emperor until the lying bastard stops moving.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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