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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Gosnell’ Actress Discusses The Moment She Decided Not To Go Through With An Abortion

By  Christian

For Tessya Whatley, her appearance in the upcoming drama “Gosnell” was more than just another film project.

The film, out Oct. 12, details the harrowing crimes committed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortionist. Gosnell is currently in jail after being convicted on three counts of first-degree murder five years ago.

Gosnell performed late-term abortions in a facility prosecutors dubbed a “house of horrors.”

Whatley plays Viola Brown in the film, directed by conservative actor Nick Searcy and starring Dean Cain. Her character considered aborting her child but eventually decided to bring the baby to term. It’s a similar situation to what Whatley went through several years ago.

This Daily Wire exclusive clip shows the actress describing her deeply personal decision she made against aborting her child, now a healthy six-year-old son.

Whatley’s nurse allowed her to hear her baby’s heartbeat, a sound that convinced her to change her mind.

“I decided it was something I couldn’t do, to kill my baby,” she recalls. “My son has been so much joy to me. When I look at him, I just can’t believe I was going to kill somebody so precious,” says Whatley, her voice shaking.

“Gosnell” sprang to life thanks to a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in 2014. The film’s creators embarked on the project, in part, due to the media’s reluctance to cover the shocking details of Gosnell’s crimes.

Filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, the team behind the fracking documentary “FrackNation” and the “Ferguson” play, are executive producers on the film.

Christian Toto is an award-winning journalist, movie critic and editor of He previously served as associate editor with Breitbart News’ Big Hollywood. Follow him at @HollywoodInToto.

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