‘Exactly Like History Repeating Itself’: North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Warns Of The Path America Is On

North Korean defector Yeonmi Park joined The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens for Tuesday night’s episode of “Candace,” where Park warned Americans about creeping authoritarianism in the United States and detailed some of the horrors she endured in North Korea.

North Koreans were promised socialism and “free” stuff, like health care, Park said, which led to devastating oppression. And it can happen here, the 28-year-old warned.

“I think this is exactly like history repeating itself, right now,” Park said. “This is what shocked me, for me as a North Korean, when they said there’s inequality in America, I was like, hallelujah, that means you can rise above somebody else, because there’s no inequality in North Korea, everybody is dirty poor.”

“Poverty” is the worst that can happen, not “inequality,” Park asserted.

Drawing parallels to North Korea and the States, Park said that when she went to Columbia University, the classroom resembled her origin nation. In North Korea, “bastard-Americans” are blamed for the country’s poverty, and at Columbia, “white men” are blamed for so much apparent oppression, she explained.

Park also detailed to Owens the horrors she endured in North Korea and on her journey to America.

“North Korea is like a different planet,” she said. “Every day is just looking for food.”

“It’s like in ‘Hunger Games,’” Park added, “dictator decides to starve us.”

The defector said she remembered eating “grasshoppers” and “dragonflies” just to survive, and routinely not knowing when her next meal would be.

Plants, though, are not easily found, because the North Korean regime cuts down most of the trees and “gives [them] to China,” Park explained.

Park said that some North Koreans would resort to eating mud, and then die from the consumption because it could not be properly digested. Some, she said, resorted even to cannibalism, which Park said is “spreading” in the country.

Noting of homeless tent cities in America, Park said North Koreans don’t have the luxury “not to be working”; instead, they are put into forced labor camps and assigned work.

The regime doesn’t “even allow us to know what love is; the dictator is so paranoid,” Park told Owens. “They got rid of Mother’s Day … they don’t even teach North Koreans what romantic love is.”

“Every song, every movie, every book” is “for the dictator,” she said.

Park added her family was involved in the “black market” — for selling fish. “Even thinking is a crime in North Korea,” she said.

Park said that after she saw the “lights coming from China” from a largely electricity-free North Korea, she wanted to leave the country. When she tried to escape to China, she and her mother were sold into sex slavery. Park said she saw the rape of her mother, who was sold for $65.

“Sometimes I cannot believe, like, the phone in my hand is more expensive than me,” Park told Owens, noting that she was sold into sex slavery for “less than $300.”

After Park finally made it to South Korea, she was able to come to America. Park is still not an American citizen, though she is trying to become one.

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