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Disney+ Cartoon Doubles-Down On Woke Push With CRT, LGBTQ Agenda In Second Season

Disney+ animated series “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” doubles down on its woke agenda in the second season pushing a CRT (Critical Race Theory) and an LGBTQ agenda.

The second season of the Disney cartoon hit the streaming site on February 1, 2023, and it introduced its young audience to words like “sexist” and “white fragility.” In the 10-episode second season of the reboot of the popular 2001 show “The Proud Family,” white characters in the show are made to feel bad for being white and have to apologize for things like “slavery,” “white privilege,” and more.

To recap, in the first season, fans see that Penny Proud, the oldest daughter of the Proud family is now 14 and in middle school, dealing with puberty and dating. One of her pals, Michael, who previously dressed like a boy and liked fashion — now considered “gender fluid” — dresses like a girl, with feminine looking-clothes and pink hair in every episode. At one point, in the second season, Michael describes himself as a “they” introducing the audience to woke pronouns.

In the reboot, the new kid in town is racial activist Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins. She is adopted and has two dads, one white/one black. She’s the one who pushes race issues for most of the first season. But by this second season, every character is exhaustingly forced into her way of seeing the world.

During the first episode, the word “sexist” is introduced when Penny’s grandmother “Suga Mama” tells Penny that her great grandfather didn’t like Suga Mama “cause she’s not a boy.” We also dive right into race issues when Suga Mama revealed that it was illegal for her to marry someone that wasn’t black when she was growing up in Oklahoma. By the end of the episode, the great grandpa said his daughter proved to him “a girl can be as good as a boy” after Suga Mama becomes the first female to win the bull riding championship.

In episode two, Penny, again a 14-year-old, said she can’t wait to move out, after getting busted for trying to sneak into the house past her curfew after being out with a boy she likes. When she tells her friends she’s in trouble, Michael calls her “a budding Kardashian” and they are all envious. At school, teacher Brother Kwame writes on the chalkboard “Activism and Journalism” and writes names of well-known woke activists like Ta-Nehisi-Coates, Michelle Alexander, and Saeed Jones, to name a few.

During episode three, a friend of Penny’s tells her “you can take your model minority myth” somewhere else when she tries to recruit her into the debate team. Penny then finds out this means the girl is calling her a racist and she replied, “black people can’t be racist.” One of Penny’s friends added, “I agree. Racism is prejudice plus power, but we can be jerks. I give you that.” The debate team then must discuss the issue of “Reparations.” Penny said, “we about to get paid.” In the end, Penny and the team sing a song about reparations and slavery, as previously reported.

Episode four goes back to the LGBTQ agenda and deals with the backstory of Maya’s two dads and how they met. There are several scenes of the two men embracing in romantic ways as they talk about their relationship. Later in the season, Maya’s dad steps out in a black leather jacket, pants, and hat with no shirt. It’s reminiscent of something worn by the Village People. Barry gives the other dad a  kiss on the cheek after he figures out what to wear.

By the sixth episode, the series goes all in on the race agenda in one titled “The End of Innocence.” In this one, Penny and her friends are excited to learn that a star will be attending their school named Noah Barker. But it is his interest in one girl Zoey, who is white, that changes everyone’s attitude towards her. Maya tells the group of friends she heard “Noah’s only into white girls.” Dijonay then repeats the same line and another friend adds, “yeah no chocolate, no caramel, no sprinkles, no nothing.”

Zoey’s friends then decide it’s not fair that Barker only likes Zoey and that he doesn’t invite them to the school dance because they aren’t white. Penny is the only one who defends her friend and said it’s “not Zoey’s fault.” The kids decide as a group to uninvite Zoey to their annual party. Michael arrives as the Disney princess Pocahontas, dressed like a female with long hair, makeup and wearing a dress. Any criticism by Penny’s dad Oscar about his appearance gets shut down immediately by the girl’s mom, Trudy, who praises Michael for his look.

Eventually, Zoey comes to the party and is told by these friends over and over again that the “reason” Barker is “going out with her is because she’s white.” Dijonay goes so far as to say to the child, “it’s white skin privilege.” Michael adds, “why go out with a boy that only likes you cause you’re white.” A verbal fight ensues and several kids leave, including Michael who leaves the party sharing with viewers the term “BIPOCs” (black, indigenous people of color).

In the end, Zoey shows up to the dance with no date and tells her friends that she dumped Barker after he admitted “he only dates white girls.” Zoey then has to apologize and said “I’m sorry guys. I really didn’t get it.”

The final episode, 10, deals with calling loved ones out for their “white privilege” and “white fragility” with a focus on slavery and an opening scene reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter riots after George Floyd’s death. The opening shot is Penny and her middle school friends behind bars raising their fists and shouting, “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now!” The episode centers on the town finding out the truth behind its founder Christian A. Smith ahead of a ceremony for him. Smith happens to be the great great great grandfather of Maya’s white dad Barry. At one point, Maya confronts Barry who doesn’t think his people would “ever own slaves” and the other dad responds with a jab to his husband about his “white fragility.”

Through a series of events, a ghost named Emily guides Maya to find her hidden diary which reveals that the founder grew several crops and used slaves to run his property. In her final entry, Emily writes the date June 19 along with a drawing of chains broken from black fists. Maya takes the book to teacher Brother Kwame who explained to the kids that Juneteenth only applied to confederate states. She replied, “So it’s true [former President Abraham] Lincoln didn’t really care about freeing enslaved people,” and the teacher adds, “Actually he wanted to deport us.”

Wild conclusions then soar among the kids as to why the date June 19 is Emily’s final entry, including that she must’ve been murdered. Penny and her friends then decide they shouldn’t be honoring a “slave owner” nor renovating “his statue” as planned for the ceremony. They push to get it canceled and when that doesn’t happen they decide the statue needs to be pulled down. After the teacher votes no on that plan, Maya decides “we will March until they take the statue down.” These middle schoolers then march through the ceremony carrying signs and chanting “Christian A. Smith, his legacy is a myth.” Police show up in riot gear to take the kids away.

Barry’s husband Randall then calls on his husband to do something with his “white privilege.” Barry pulls out his police badge and tells the cops to stop and he ends up getting pushed to the ground, with a shot of the badge being trampled on. Later, Barry apologizes for his ancestors and said he wanted to “pretend it didn’t happen” as he asks for forgiveness from everyone.

After reviewing the entire first and second seasons, it’s clear Disney’s PG rating on the show isn’t strong enough. The writers previously said they wanted a focus on a cultural and a political agenda and for many parents, it’s just too much.

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