Dems: A Nut Just Shot People Outside Planned Parenthood. That Means You Should Fund Abortion.


The cynicism of the left is truly breathtaking.

Utilizing a shooting by a legitimately insane person named Robert Dear outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Democrats are now pushing for Republicans to stop talking about abortion and to keep funding it. President Obama made that case in Paris today, explaining:

With respect to Planned Parenthood, I think it’s clear, I’ve said it before, they provide health services to women all across the country. Have for generations. In many cases, it’s the only organization that provides health services to impoverished women. I think it’s fair to have a legitimate, honest debate about abortion…How we talk about it, making sure we’re talking about it factually, accurately and not demonizing organizations like Planned Parenthood, I think that is important.

You don’t have to demonize Planned Parenthood. They’re a demonic organization. They celebrate the killing of the unborn. Obama’s lie here that Planned Parenthood merely provides health services to poor women who can’t otherwise get it fails to account for Medicaid, religious charity hospitals, and basic law across the United States that forces emergency rooms to care for patients.

But that’s not the point. The point is, shut up, you pro-life bigots.

Where Obama is vague, failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis isn’t. Appearing on MSNBC on Monday, she averred with regard to Robert Dear, “He talked about dead baby parts. This is part of a political rhetoric, a very dangerous political rhetoric, that we’ve been hearing from most candidates on the Republican presidential primary side, and I think it is fueling this kind of behavior that we saw in this individual last week.”

In other words, if you don’t stop telling the truth about what Planned Parenthood does, including dismemberment of children in the womb and then sale of their bodies for research, you are creating violence. By this logic, abolitionists should have stopped talking about – and indeed, demonizing – slaveholding because John Brown attempted to kill slaveowners.

But that’s the logic nonetheless. Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood, told Rachel Maddow, “I do think it’s time for people in this country, elected officials, leaders, people who want to be president of the United States, to really think carefully about the way they talk about healthcare providers in this country, the way they demonize women and the decisions they make about their pregnancies. I think it’s time for everyone to take stock of that, because I do believe words have consequences.” So if a legitimately insane person shoots some people near a Planned Parenthood, we must stop questioning whether killing your own child in the womb ought to be legal.

In fact, we ought to continue funding just that activity, according to Democrats. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called Republican opposition to federal funding of Planned Parenthood a “frenzy of hate and anger” and asked the GOP to do away with the investigative committee looking into the organization’s sale of baby body parts. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) joined Reid, stating, “We should not and cannot continue this politically motivated committee targeting Planned Parenthood, which is already costing taxpayers and helping to create a dangerous climate for legal health care in America.”

Robert Dear has done more for the Democratic defense of Planned Parenthood than any pro-choice argument. That’s because they don’t have any good arguments. They just have emotional appeals. And screaming about “demonization” as the cause of a nutjob shooting people seems to be a more beneficial strategy than defending why it’s okay to crush the skulls of the unborn and chop them up for removal from the womb.

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