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Democrats Discard Reality In Favor Of Preaching To Radical Fringe Minority

The following is an adaptation from “The Michael Knowles Show.

The Democrats are catering to a radical minority of the American people on virtually every issue, from immigration and the structure of our society to drag queen story hour and gender bathrooms. The Democrats are not speaking as the voice of the majority of the American people. They are speaking to a fringe minority.

All the while, they ignore mainstream bread-and-butter issues — not only those that conservatives in the rural parts of the middle of the country care about but also regular, urgent issues that even liberals living in cities care about. Issues such as crime.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the president’s spokesman, was asked in a press conference on September 26 if Joe Biden believes that in Biden’s America our big cities are safe. Not only did she pretend not to understand the question, but she also asserted that the issue of crime is ‘complicated’ and then denied that there is any problem at all. She suggested that the rise in crime does not make any sense because Biden has enacted wise policies to fix crime. Never mind that those policies have failed and in fact only exacerbated the problem in reality.

There seems to be a disagreement between the theory that the Democrats peddle and the effect of those policies in the real world. When disagreement exists between reality and theory, the normal, sane response is to throw out the theory. Democrats, however, attempt to discard reality.

After two quarters of negative GDP growth, the economy is in recession. The American people experience the reality of that recession every day. But Democrats promised that their economic policies would avoid recession. So rather than admit failure, they have sought to change the definition of recession.

Goods cost at least 8.5% more today than they did last year despite Democrats’ promises that their policies would stave off inflation. But rather than admit failure, Democrats have sought to redefine inflation. President Biden went so far as to boast of “zero percent” inflation as Americans struggle to fill their gas tanks and feed their families.

As crime spikes around the nation, President Biden touts his funding of law enforcement. But no matter how merited or dubious Biden’s anti-crime credibility may be, his policies have not worked. For most people, the most important political issues do not include industrial policy or immigration or even abortion. But for all people, safety is one of the top priorities. People want to know if their neighborhood is safe, if their family is safe, if their property is safe. The White House responds by telling the American people to ignore that by denying reality.

And what of the deeper questions: What is a man? What is a woman? What is human life? Should we kill more or fewer babies? Are we going to let men use girls’ bathroom? Are we going to sell our sovereignty to transnational organizations? Are we going to allow woke corporations to serve as enforcement mechanisms for what the Biden administration is not legally permitted to do, like censor their opponents in the public square?

Liberals lob the first culture war assaults on all these issues, and their views are out of step with both public opinion and the American tradition. They promote radical policies. But even on the bread-and-butter issues — like if you can safely leave your home — they fail.

The dismal state of the country on virtually every metric suggests that no normal person could support these people, and Biden’s pitiful poll numbers bear that suggestion out. The people who continue to support Biden are the established radicals in the court of liberalism and their jesters, the professional, squish “conservatives.” But in conflicts between reality and delusion, there can be no neutrality, and reasonable minds cannot agree to disagree.

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