DEI Could Get You Killed In The Operating Room

Shot of a team of surgeons performing a surgery in an operating room
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What exactly does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is essentially Critical Race Theory boiled down to a friendlier piece of corporate boilerplate. It argues that if one demographic group is underrepresented in any particular industry or job, that must be the result of some sort of systemic discrimination or racism. Either everyone is equal in every possible way — which means, therefore, everyone should be equally represented in every industry — or everyone is unequal, which means you are a racist.

There is a halfway point between those two positions, which happens to be the truth: People of all races and all individuality differ in their genetics. They differ in their environments. They differ in their cultures. All individuals are different.

That means when you take a look at group averages, there are very few examples across all of humanity in which group averages are completely identical.

But DEI advocates assert we have to ignore that in favor of their proposition. Why?

Because DEI is a gun pointed directly at the heart of the meritocracy. The meritocracy suggests there should be objective metrics by which we succeed or fail, and the good news about meritocracy is that if you succeed, you are doing something better than someone else, which means that whatever you are doing is better for everyone else.

The DEI idea innately means that people who are unqualified are going to advance in life by dint of the fact they are considered a part of the victimized group. Why does this matter?

It occurs at universities where Asian Americans are discriminated against because they are too high-achieving in favor of people from other groups who have lower test scores.


It takes place in the government when people completely unqualified for particular offices are appointed to those offices so as to establish some form of social justice.

And now, it’s happening in medicine — and that should frighten the living hell out of everyone because all you care about when you go to the doctor is: Is my doctor good at medicine? Is my doctor good at taking care of me and making sure I am healthy?

This is an area where meritocracy should be the only thing that counts.

Is my doctor likely to fix me, or is my doctor bad at their job and got appointed because of extraneous merits? All you care about when you get onto that surgical gurney is if the person operating on you should be good at that job.

But surgery is now being impacted by DEI. Apparently, Wake Forest Medical School is about to graduate Kychelle Del Rosario, a med student who injured a conservative patient and then bragged about it.

In March 2022, she tweeted, “I had a patient I was doing a blood draw on see my pronoun pin and laugh loudly to the staff, ‘She/Her? Well, of course it is. What other pronouns even are there? It?’ I missed his vein so he had to get stuck twice,” with a snorting emoji.

That is an insane tweet. If somebody disagrees with you politically, then you make them actually suffer because you are in the position of the doctor?

University of Pennsylvania Health has hired Ewen Liu, Del Rosario’s classmate who also tweeted that it seemed “karma-tic” when Del Rosario injured the patient who mocked her pronoun pin.

The basic idea that medical error is rooted in “karma,” that you deserve it if there is a medical error upon you because you have the wrong belief system (such as saying the actual scientific fact that there are men and there are women), is a serious, serious problem.

How about an award-winning Duke Surgical resident named Vignesh Raman? At an internal DEI lecture, Raman said that his heart sinks when he has patients who watch Fox News or wear MAGA hats. He also said:

I think the most important thing we’ve done is really systemic changes to our recruitment process to try to recruit diverse residents to our program and then to retain and support those diverse residents after they get to our program. So part of this has involved transitioning to [a] completely holistic review process that we spoke about earlier today, abandoning all sort of metrics and screens, looking at people’s life story and what brought them into surgery, and then the other part of it is increasing the diversity of the people who read the applications because that’s an important component of ensuring that we get diverse residents into our program.

He’s saying they are ignoring metrics in order to look at the life story of the surgeon.

Here’s a question: When you have to go in for an open-heart surgery because you have a blockage in your artery, do you ask for the surgeon’s life story? Do you care about the surgeon’s life story? Should you care about the surgeon’s life story or do you care a lot more about whether this doctor has a good track record of making sure people who require a bypass actually get the bypass they need without dying on the table?


It is insane for surgical residencies to take a look at people based on their life story as opposed to objective metrics of success. It’s totally crazy.

Raman also tweeted, “I would say, even for academic publications… I don’t want to amplify the work of white men who only collaborate with other white men.”

There go most of the modern medical advances in human history.

And by the way, that’s racism.

So, barring white men from getting into top-level surgical residencies as a corrective mechanism is now somehow good; put that pressure all the way down the system and what you’re ending up with is fewer qualified people who are entering the system and more unqualified people going to top medical schools.

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