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Dear Tom Brady: Football Is Not War

Dear Tom Brady,

Football is not like the military.

Recently on his “Let’s Go” podcast, Tom Brady made a comment about work-life balance in the NFL to NBA superstar Kevin Durant, and I quote, “I almost look at football season like you are going away on deployment.”

No, Tom it’s not, it is actually nothing like that.

I was in the football business for a decade and I know how crazy the hours are. Time away from your family is tough on both parties, but I am not worrying about any of my players running over an IED, getting hit by an RPG, or being in gunfights in a foreign land.

Football is a game, one that I will love forever, but this comparison is both naive and arrogant. Yes, the NFL is unbelievably violent, but it isn’t played in Fallujah or Baghdad.

The real heroes aren’t the ones throwing passes or scoring touchdowns. Our real heroes are the ones sacrificing their lives so we can play football and live in peace.

The true heroes are the families that have to wake up and wonder every day — not if their team is going to win — but if they will ever get to see their son’s, daughter’s, brother’s, sister’s, mother or father’s face ever again.

Tom, you are the best quarterback we have ever seen, and you understand what it takes to win a Super Bowl, but this comment is beneath you and makes you seem out of touch with the people who watch you play.

With the popular demonization of police, border patrol agents, and other law enforcement professionals today, we’re headed down a dark road in society. Yet, they’re the ones who have the most to lose while we sit here reaping the rewards of their work.

It seems everyday we hear about a police officer getting shot, or fake news about our border patrol agents. We read about the weakening of the military due to policies that put party over protection — and Brady’s comment kind of puts all of that in perspective.

We are starting to take for granted the people that provide us the most and when that happens so do mistakes.

So Tom, let’s get a little perspective and remember you’re damn good at playing football, but it’s just a game and it sure as hell isn’t war.

To those who have served and are currently serving, thank you. You are the truest of heroes.

Jake Crain is co-host of “Crain & Company.” the Daily Wire’s sports show hosted by former athletes and coaches Jake Crain, Blain Crain, and David Cone. Follow him @JakeCrain_ 

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