Country Music Star John Rich Reveals Rush Limbaugh’s Secret Act Of Charity: ‘I Never Said A Word Until Now’
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Country music star John Rich said the late conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh once donated $100,000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital under the condition that his donation remain anonymous.

Limbaugh was known for his generosity, often tipping thousands of dollars at restaurants. The radio host and his listeners also raised tens of millions of dollars over the years through his annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Cure-A-Thon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America.

Rich tweeted out an example of Limbaugh’s generosity after the radio host’s death was announced Wednesday.

“When I was on Celebrity Apprentice, Rush Limbaugh made a donation of $100,000 dollars to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to support them, and my mission on the TV Show under the condition that he remained anonymous. I never said a word until now. He will be missed. #RIPRushLimbaugh,” Rich said.

Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn, announced his death at the beginning of his Wednesday show: “Hello everyone, I know that I am most certainly not the Limbaugh that you tuned in to listen to today. I, like you, very much wish Rush was behind this golden microphone right now, welcoming you to another exceptional three hours of broadcasting. For over 32 years, Rush has cherished you, his loyal audience, and always looked forward to every single show. It is with profound sadness I must share with you directly that our beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning due to complications from lung cancer.”

Conservative broadcasters, who largely recognize Limbaugh as a titan of the trade who paved the way for right-wing media, remembered the late host in statements and interviews, praising his courage during his fight with cancer and his legacy as the most listened to talk show host of all time.

“RIP Rush Limbaugh, the creator of talk radio and by extension the alternative media, an indispensable and iconic conservative voice,” tweeted Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus of The Daily Wire.

Glenn Beck, founder of the radio and television network The Blaze, said: “No words … I just got news the Rush Limbaugh has passed away. [T]hanks Rush for all you taught, gave and were. A hero to many. An icon. A patriot. A revolutionary that saved radio. Heavens [sic] gain, our loss.”

Conservative talk show hosts Mark Levin and Sean Hannity marked Limbaugh’s passing in separate interviews on Fox News.

“This is a tremendously sad day for those who love this country,” Levin said, “a tremendously sad day for those who salute the flag and embrace the military and law enforcement, a tremendously sad day because we’ve lost Thomas Paine. We’ve lost a voice like no other and like there will never be again, and particularly at a time when we need a voice like his.”

“There is no talk radio as we know it without Rush Limbaugh. It just doesn’t exist, and I’d even make the argument in many ways there’s no Fox News or even some of these other opinionated cable networks,” Hannity said. “He literally did something that nobody at the time ever thought was possible.”

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