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Broadway Stars Honor Hillary Clinton At Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Broadway stars were proud to host failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday night for “an evening that was all about women, by women, and for women,” according to InStyle.

“Tony and Grammy winners packed The Town Hall theater in N.Y.C. for a special concert all about women’s empowerment called ‘Double Standards,'” reports InStyle. “Everyone from ‘Waitress’ lyricist Sara Bareilles to ‘The Great Comet of 1812’s’ former Sonya Rostova, Ingrid Michaelson, sang about women’s rights, Hillary Clinton, and standing up in the face of the patriarchy, with 100 percent of the proceeds from the concert tickets and donations going toward Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Breast Cancer Coalition.”

The Broadway stars clearly did not second-guess the prospect of honoring Hillary Clinton as some beacon of women’s rights while multiple allegations suggest she aided her husband in silencing several of his sexual assault victims throughout the years.

Stars in attendance said the goal of the concert was to get people talking about women’s rights.

“I think there’s no huge solution; it’s small solutions. Find out who you want to be our next president, who you want to your representative, come to shows like this, support events like this,” Ingrid Michaelson told InStyle. “It’s multiple small things that everybody can do. … It’s a series of small victories. If everyone could chip in on small levels, we’ll get to a bigger level of positivity.”

Laura Bell Bundy conceived of the concert in partnership with sponsor iS CLINICAL skincare.

“We have been fighting as women for rights that men are just born with, which is crazy. We have to stay on top of that, and we have to mobilize, and we can’t just go to one march and think it’s going to happen,” Bundy said.

“We have to march and benefit and hashtag and call our representatives and get out there and create groups, so this is a part of the Broadway community essentially having a town hall meeting, except when we have a town hall meeting, we sing our faces off. This is how we raise our voices, at Town Hall.”

Fresh off from her advocating that Democrats set an abortion litmus test, comedienne Rosie O’Donnell also made an appearance. Her statements were another one of those TMI’s, this time involving Entenmann’s crumb cake and a tattoo of Robert Mueller that people prefer not to imagine about Rosie.

“I’ve felt bad since last November, I’ve been laying in bed for a couple of months,” Rosie said. “I figured out how to get Entenmann’s crumb cake into an IV tube. It wasn’t easy, it was miserable, but then you know what happened: Bob Mueller ladies and gentlemen. Bob Mueller, I’m getting a Bob Mueller tattoo right over my heart as soon as that orange piece of s— is in jail.”

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