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Box Office: Race Film ‘Detroit’ And Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ Crash And Burn

Much has happened since Al Gore’s original Inconvenient Truth hit theaters in 2006 and grossed enough money ($26 million) to be considered a phenomenon. Time has not only proved that many of Gore’s predictions were totally untrue and complete nonsense, American audiences are burnt out, indifferent towards, and tired of leftwing Hollywood lectures. The flop rate of message movies is now 100%. Nevertheless, Hollywood continues to lose millions on this genre. The good news is that normal people like us are allowed to point and laugh at the epic fails.

This week’s box office delivers a two-fer for the point-and-laugh crowd, starting with Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel, which died a twitching and painful death over the weekend. Despite an increase from 180 to 576 theaters, Gore’s “timely” documentary (the trailer features President Trump as its villain) still slipped -18% at the box office when compared to last weekend, which was a catastrophe. After a three-week total take of just $2.28 million, Gore’s triumphant return can now be recorded as a certified flop.

Even environmentalists are staying away in droves.

The news is nearly as bad for Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit. In its second week of wide release, the critical darling collapsed -61%, and this was after a devastating opening weekend that fell far short of expectations. On over 3,000 screens, Bigelow’s you-are-there dramatization of the 50-year-old Algiers Motel incident, a horrific event that resulted in the deaths of three black teens at the hands of white police officers, grossed just $2.8 million for a total haul of just $13.2 million.

For whatever reason, the undeniably-talented Bigelow (the only woman to ever win the Best Director Oscar) put herself in a no-win situation. First off, no one wants to sit through what some are describing as torture porn aimed at the Black Lives Matter sweet spot. Secondly, Bigelow is white and white people are no longer supposed to tell black stories, which angered this very same Black Lives Matter crowd.

Although everything possible was done to ensure Detroit could not lose money (all that fancy Hollywood accounting), with a $35 million production budget and probably close to that spent for promotion, Detroit is going to lose money.

No surprise here. After eight years of President Obama and CNN ginning up racial hatred and violence, an experience that is hard enough to watch on our televisions for free, why would anyone believe this is something people would want to pay to experience? Even Leftists are staying away in droves.

Americans are looking for refuge from this divisive nonsense, but contrary to what the elites might believe, we are not looking for that refuge only in mindless, CGI’d escapism. This is why in its 4th week Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk held at number two, has grossed $154 million, and shows no signs of slowing down. Moviegoers will flock to intelligent, well-made movies, even one with artistic aspirations like Dunkirk.

The masses are not asses. Quite the opposite. Con man Al Gore could only fool them once, so shame on him, and gushing critics were unable to sucker the masses into Bigelow’s race lecture.

No, the only asses are those running the failing movie industry.