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BOREING: The Media Rigged The Election

I don’t know if the Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. That’s for the President’s legal team to prove in court, and I fully support the President pursuing his case to ensure that every legal vote – and only legal votes – are counted.

But what I’m absolutely sure of, and what we don’t need any investigation to prove, is that before the first ballot was ever cast, the legacy media rigged the election for the Democrats.

They did it legally. They did it right out in the open. They even told us they were doing it half the time.

And the worst part is you and me and all the other suckers out there paid them to do it. We’re still paying them to do it. Which is why it’s never going to stop.

They’re convinced we won’t do a damn thing about it, and so far, they’re right.

In 2004, Evan Thomas, then an editor at Newsweek said that media bias in that election was worth 15% to Democrats. He later corrected himself, and agreed bias was only good for maybe 5% in the election. 5%. In 2004.

That’s the difference between winning and losing in virtually every election in modern American history. And that’s in 2004.

Remember, back then the media at least pretended to care about objectivity – so much so that when Dan Rather of CBS News published forged documents related to President Bush’s time in the National Guard, he was fired by the network.

Nowadays, he’d win a pulitzer. Every network pushed the utterly discredited Steele Dossier as part of their years-long effort to smear Donald Trump as having colluded with the Russians. How many of them were fired?

And in 2004 there was no social media to speak of either. In fact, it was in comment sections and chat rooms that the internet sleuths of 2004 proved Dan Rather’s story false. Today, three companies control the vast majority of all conversation online. All three were proactive in killing the Hunter Biden story. All three were proactive in preparing Americans for a ‘red mirage’ on election day. All three routinely fact check or suppress conservative articles, publications, and personalities.

If the legacy media was worth 5% to democrats in 2004, they’re worth at least twice that in 2020. And let’s remember how they used that power, in brief.

Before Donald Trump was even inaugurated, the legacy media began promoting voices questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election. They engaged in full-scale questioning of the electoral college and emphasized the “national popular vote.” I put that in quotes because there is no national popular election for president in the United States. There are fifty statewide elections. If there was one national election, every American would vote based on the same rules and you couldn’t have, for example, Pennsylvania decide – against their own state constitution – to allow votes by mail three days after Election Day without postmarks.

The legacy media gave nearly round-the-clock coverage to the idea that the Russians stole the election by flooding Facebook with money to promote Trump.

When the real numbers came out, it turned out the Trump and Clinton campaigns had spent 1,800 times more money on Facebook than the Russians – and that doesn’t even count the various PACS, Super PACS, Media organizations and Nonprofits messaging during the election. The Russians spent less money than it would cost to buy two ads on the Ben Shapiro Show. They spent virtually nothing. They shouldn’t have spent anything. But they effectively spent nothing.

The media then moved on to the Russian Collusion narrative, and they camped on that pile of crap for over three years. Every time Adam Schiff –  sitting US Congressman Adam Schiff – wanted to show up and spew actual, wholly fabricated lies about the President, the legacy media gave him a channel. When the charges amounted to nothing, the legacy media just pivoted to the next anti-Trump political strategy.

They ran with the anti-Trump leaks from ANONYMOUS – a source so high up in the White House, they assured us, that it might even be Vice President Mike Pence himself! It turns out it was a consultant at an executive Agency who Donald Trump couldn’t have picked out of a lineup. Beyond just ANONYMOUS, though, the media ran nearly nonstop stories from so-called Anonymous sources throughout Trump’s presidency. Were the stories true? Who knows. Certainly not all of them were.

The legacy media repeated ad nauseam the lie that Donald Trump said there were ‘Fine People’ among the Neo-Nazi’s at Charlottesville, and gave airtime to endless voices arguing that any support of Donald Trump was premised in white supremacy.

When ordinary Americans were caught supporting President Trump publicly, the legacy media eviscerated them and even doxxed them. High School students like Nick Sandman and his fellow students from Covington Catholic were slandered mercilessly by so-called objective journalists.

And legacy media engaged in sophisticated political messaging operations, too. The New York Times pressured Facebook into regulating political messaging on the platform. Then the New York Times pressured Facebook into exempting the New York Times from the very rules the New York Times pressured them to create. Then the New York Times used that exemption to promote the 1619 Project – a patently false, revisionist history of the founding of the country meant to undermine Donald Trump’s key campaign slogan – Make America Great Again. You can’t make America Great Again if America wasn’t great in the first place…

When COVID struck, the legacy media went all in with fear mongering on the one hand, and blaming the President on the other. Democrat Governors and Mayors shut down the economy in their jurisdictions. The legacy media dutifully called it Trump’s economy, even though the president opposed the lockdowns and had navigated the economy successfully during his tenure.

When Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s policies resulted in the unfathomable loss of life in his state, the legacy media parroted the Democrat Talking Point that those deaths belonged on Donald Trump’s head, even though Trump opposed the policies that lead to the deaths. In fact, legacy media gave platform to and repeated the libel that all COVID deaths were the fault of Donald Trump – forgetting, apparently, that people were dying all over the world from the virus, not just in America.

And the gaslighting. Every time Democrats gathered for any reason, show-funerals, riots, protests, the legacy media cheered on the crowds. Every time Republicans gathered, for rallies, for church, for Jewish Holidays, they were denounced as super spreaders and criminals.

When Portland burned for months on end at the hands of radical leftists in Antifa, the media was silent. The second the riots showed up as a negative in polls for Joe Biden, Don Lemon actually said on air they were harmful for Biden, and so the entire legacy media shifted, in less than a day, to blaming Republicans for the riots that they had previously said didn’t exist.

As the election drew near, the media hyped their COVID concerns to new levels. Voting in person was deemed too risky,so they called for enormous changes to the way our elections have always worked. In person voting was discouraged. Some states mailed ballots universally – whether you had registered or not. And the voting happened so early most voters hadn’t even fully engaged in the election. This made Donald Trump’s first, humiliating debate performance so much worse because people were already voting before the campaign was complete.

And, of course, if you’re going all-in to predetermine the outcome of an election, you’ll need a little voter suppression, so the legacy media used the polls to demoralize the President’s supporters from voting at all.

The biggest source of cash for pollsters are the legacy media companies. The legacy media props up and promotes pollsters, who then produce polls that always seem to conveniently fit the legacy media’s narrative.

Funny how—just like 2016—almost every poll from the media-supported pollsters ended up showing Trump performing far worse than he ended up doing.  Not just on the national scale, but also in the states.

In 2016, the pollsters were off by an average of 7 points in Clinton’s favor in Wisconsin. Trump went on to win it. That’s just one example of many.

In 2020, it’s the same story. In Wisconsin, they were off by nearly the same amount this year, underestimating Trump support by 6 points. In Ohio, Trump’s support was understated by 7 points, in Texas  it was nearly 5 points by average.

The pattern is truly stunning. If we were just talking about the built-in margin of error for polls, that would be one thing. But you’d also see those errors swinging both ways.

Not the case.

Nearly every major poll in nearly every key state showed Biden performing better and Trump worse than they did. How does that happen?

Is there truth that the pollsters are genuinely struggling to account for the “shy Trump voter”?

Maybe, though I’m not actually convinced Trump voters are all that shy, what with their stadium-filled rallies, boat parades, car parades, flags, signs — hell, they managed to get 10,000 Trump supporters to march through Beverly Hills three weeks ago.

The more plausible explanation is that pollsters are more concerned with remaining propped up by the legacy media than they are providing accurate data to the American people. And that only continues if they produce polls that are “fit to print.”

And, of course, the legacy media is aided by their allies in Social Media, who demonetize, throttle, shadow ban, and ban outright conservative voices, who actively and openly suppressed stories potentially harmful to Joe Biden, and who use activist left-wing fact checkers to penalize conservative publications for crimes like “missing context”. For example, when one pro-Trump PAC ran an ad in which Joe Biden said, verbatim, that his tax plan would raise taxes on all American’s, Facebook killed the ad because a fact checker said it was missing the context that while Biden’s plan would in fact increase taxes for all Americans, it would raise taxes on the rich the most. In other words, context just means Democrat talking points.

So, according to legacy media, Donald Trump never won the 2016 election in the first place, he colludes with our enemies, he supports racists and only racists support him, he can’t make America great again because America was never great to begin with, in fact, it’s systematically evil to this day, if you happen to support him you’re a fair target who might have your life ruined, every threat you see with your own eyes from the radical Left either isn’t happening, or if it’s hurting Biden in the polls, is actually the fault of the right, you shouldn’t go vote in person, no one’s going to vote for him anyway, and any story that might hurt his opponent is misinformation that cannot be shared.

That’s rigging the election. Not stealing it. Stealing it would be illegal. Rigging it just means setting the rules of the game, controlling the information the players have access to, demoralizing and suppressing one team, and running interference for the other. They made it almost impossible for Donald Trump to win, and then they declared as quickly as possible that he didn’t – even though no election has yet been certified. It’s just another part of the psychological warfare they have run against the American people over the last four years.

And that brings us to the part about you and me paying for it. You may say, “I don’t pay for that crap!” And maybe you don’t, but I’ll bet you do.

Maybe you don’t subscribe to the New York Times. But 7M Americans do. They have a budget of over $1.2 billion dollars and a staff of over 4,500 employees. No right-of-center publication comes close. No right-of-center publication is even a distant second. We’re not even in the same world.

If you are a subscriber of theirs, by the way, cancel it. You’re paying these people to destroy what you love.

“But I only watch Fox News!” you might say.

Well, first, Fox hasn’t exactly comported themselves well here. They called Arizona for Joe Biden while people were still standing in line to vote. That’s classic voter suppression. They continue to pay Chris Wallace after he gave the single most egregious performance of any presidential debate moderator in modern American history – a performance that made Candi Crowley look fair. A performance so disgusting he shouldn’t be welcome to show himself at any journalistic institution in the world today. But there he is on Fox, week after week. Smug and self-assured. And rich. Rich off your money.

And even if you like Fox, and even if you only watch Fox, you’re still paying for CNN and the rest. That’s because a percentage of every single cable bill – no matter what you watch – goes to those major news companies in carriage fees. You may hate Don Lemon, but you pay his bills. You pay Trevor Noah, Chris Cuomo, and Rachel Maddow, too.

You’re also paying for all of those Hollywood movies made by celebrities that hate you, too. Even the ones you don’t watch.

So, congratulations to all of us chumps who keep right on paying the people who hate us to try to destroy us. The legacy media didn’t just rig the election, they rigged the entire system so that most of us pay them whether we want to or not.

Of course, you could stop. The average cable bill is over $270 per month. $270. Every. Single. Month. Month after month. Year after year. Making your opponents richer.

Why not cut the cord? Tell Chris Wallace and Don Lemon and the rest to go to hell.

The legacy media cannot be reformed. It cannot be redeemed. It can only be replaced. Support replacement media. Subscribe to the Daily Wire. It’s less than $20 per month. Go ahead and subscribe to The Blaze, too, and make a donation to PragerU while you’re at it. Go all in with us on replacing the legacy media, and save over $200 every month in the process. It’s time for conservatives to put our money where our mouth is. Replace these bastards, before they replace us. God knows they’re trying.

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