Biden’s Image As A Kind Man Finally Vanishes — Because Of A 4-Year-Old Girl


The president of the United States is wildly unpopular and a lot of people have attributed that to his policies, some of which have included gigantic government spending, “equity” at the center of all things, or weak foreign policy, including the pullout from Afghanistan.

But the reality is, Joe Biden has been sinking in the polls. And that’s because Americans don’t like him.

The turning point for him was the pullout from Afghanistan. Until then, the widespread perception was that he was a kind, elderly gentleman — who wasn’t all there — but in essence, was a fairly decent guy. But when he pulled out from Afghanistan and basically implied he didn’t care what happened there, that really changed the perception of the American public about him.

Now his unpopularity has been underscored in radical terms because of his association with his son Hunter. Lurking in the background of the Biden family’s story has always been this idea that they are incredibly tribal — that if you are a Biden, then you get to benefit from the sweetheart deals that are associated with the Biden last name, whether you’re Joe Biden’s brother or his son.

But if they choose not to give you the name, then you’re cut off at the knees. And who better to apply that logic to than a small baby?

Hunter Biden had a sexual relationship with a woman named Lunden Roberts. She was apparently acting as his quasi-assistant, meaning he was not just using her for her secretarial abilities, but also for other purposes and reasons that were sexual in nature. In August 2018, she bore his child whom she named Navy Joan.

For years, Joe Biden has maintained that he has six grandchildren. He does not. He has seven. He’s had seven grandchildren for four years.

The Bidens simply refused to give the child the Biden last name, which is the imprimatur of not only legitimacy but also of money-making in the Biden family. The only thing that matters is Biden’s last name. It is certainly not Joe Biden’s magic political skill set because he doesn’t have one. He ran for the presidency repeatedly before he latched on to the rising star of Barack Obama.

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The paternity hearings about Navy proved the only thing Hunter would be giving to Navy Joan and her mom were practically some finger paintings he had created. Presumably, there would be some sort of corrupt deal or somebody would buy those paintings from Navy’s mom, and it would become a money laundering operation on behalf of the Biden family (yet again!) by big name donors who would buy Hunter Biden’s paintings from London.

Joe Biden cares about his granddaughter so much that he refused to acknowledge her existence at the White House. There was a Christmas stocking for his dog, the one that was biting all the Secret Service agents, but there was no Christmas stocking for the granddaughter. He refused to acknowledge her.

Then over the weekend, Joe Biden reversed himself and acknowledged the little girl. 

What happened here was obvious: The American people didn’t like it when this supposedly kind, old family man — whose entire excuse for his ludicrously soft treatment of his son has been that he loved his son so much — was willing to disown a 4-year-old. When Americans saw this child who, through no fault of her own was born of Biden’s son, was not part of the family, but the son — a crack addicted derelict who runs around the world picking up bags of cash — was just fine, they saw what looked more like corruption than family loyalty.

So he finally put out a statement about this missing grandchild, saying, “Our son, Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to foster a relationship that is in the best interests of their daughter, preserving her privacy as much as possible going forward.”

A great way to “preserve her privacy” would have been not to make her the center of a political scandal for roughly four years. 

Name another Biden grandchild. Go ahead. 

You’ve never heard of them. Because it’s only a controversy when you refuse to give your grandchild your name because your son sired her with a former stripper.

There’s only one thing that Joe Biden cares about in life, and that is the Biden name. He’s made this absolutely clear. He says this over and over because the Biden family name is his only valuable tool. It was valuable to everyone who was around him because he was able to parlay his situation as a senator into jobs and cash for his son, for his brother, for others. And presumably some of that cash came back to him. 

Why does all of this matter? Because it involves character. 

The Democratic Party consistently suggests that character matters, and thus Donald Trump should never have been president. Joe Biden has portrayed himself in a way Trump never did. Biden has portrayed himself as a generous, kindhearted family man who cares about the members of his family above all, so much so that he’s purely sympathetic to his drug-addicted, booze-addled son.

Trump, when it comes to this race, is essentially a mud monster. The more mud you throw on him, the more he is made of mud. 

But you cannot sully someone who is made of mud. There’s no way to do it.

Yet Biden proclaimed that he was a decent, honest, hardworking family man, and it turned out that he actually was a corrupt, old politician who was willing to manipulate and use his drug-addled son to pick up bags of cash abroad while ignoring his grandchild.

And Americans noticed.


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