Biden Brings Us To The Brink Of World War III

The Biden administration has decided to completely outsource its foreign policy in the Middle East to Dearborn, Michigan, pro-Hamas activists on college campuses, and the editorial board of the New York Times.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 03: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks about his administration's work to lower the cost of breathing treatments for asthma and COPD patients during an event with healthcare advocates and stakeholders in the Indian Treaty Room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on April 03, 2024 in Washington, DC. "Finally, we beat big pharma," Biden said to Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who Biden credits with helping lower the cost of asthma inhalers from three of the four top companies to just $35 per month starting in June. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
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Deep stupidity has consequences in the real world. That is particularly true in the realm of foreign policy.

In domestic policy, you can be pretty stupid, but we have some rather solid checks and balances constitutionally from the local and state levels all the way up to the federal government. Stupidity very often can be somewhat mitigated by these structures.

But when it comes to foreign policy, the President of the United States has, effectively, plenary power. He has extraordinary power over foreign policy. That means the stupidity of a president of the United States can put people in the United States and our allies in danger of being killed because the president is a dullard. The president is an imbecile. 

When you have a senile imbecile in charge of the United States government, you’ve got a problem.

Joe Biden is not just senile. He is, in fact, an imbecile. He’s been an imbecile on foreign policy for his entire career. Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense under Barack Obama, said that Joe Biden had not been right on a single foreign policy issue his entire career. 

That pattern continued on Thursday.

Biden is a deeply unprincipled human being. When it comes to foreign policy, he does not have one damned clue. He blows with the wind. Wherever the center of gravity is in the Democratic Party at any given time, Joe Biden is there.

The center of the Democratic Party is the editorial board at the New York Times and all of their followers. The center of the Democratic Party is the absolute dullards over on MSNBC. The center of the Democratic Party is all the TikTok generation kids with purple hair. Those are the people Biden is following.

So, he has now put us in danger of World War III in two separate arenas on planet Earth at the same time.

We begin with Ukraine.

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On Thursday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken maintained two positions. The first was understandable: increased aid to Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression in the Donbas, in Crimea. But then came the second: Ukraine needs to join NATO.

What is the timeline for that? How does that timeline look? It’s been the position of the United States and many of NATO’s allies that at some point Ukraine would join NATO, but the way Antony Blinken articulated this yesterday made it sound like he wants NATO to accept Ukraine right now.

It’s important to understand that if Ukraine were to become a member of NATO, that same day the United States would be in a shooting war with Russia. That is because if you allow Ukraine to join, NATO’s in the middle of the war and it is no longer a proxy war funding the Ukrainians. At that point, Ukraine declares Article V has been invoked and all the NATO allies join in the war on Russia.

Then, you would have a direct war with a nuclear-armed power.

Does this sound like an intelligent policy to you?

The policy of the United States with regard to Ukraine — a policy I support — is to fund Ukraine to preserve its independent existence from Russia while understanding the chances they are going to defeat Russia in Crimea or the Donbas region are extremely low, so looking for an off-ramp becomes necessary.

Vladimir Putin may not be looking for an off-ramp, which means continuing to fund Ukraine sufficiently to push Putin to look for an off-ramp.

But when you say Ukraine will join NATO, understand that if that were effectuated today, you would be in a shooting war with a nuclear-armed superpower.

That was not even the worst threat of triggering World War III the Biden administration created on Thursday.

The Biden administration has decided to completely outsource its foreign policy in the Middle East to Dearborn, Michigan, pro-Hamas activists on college campuses, and the editorial board of the New York Times.

Lest we forget, on October 6, there was no war between Israel and Hamas. On October 7, Hamas crossed the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel and committed murder within a several-mile radius — 1,200 civilians dead and 250 people taken into Gaza and held as hostages. There are currently over 100 people being held as hostages by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, including five American citizens.

The Biden administration initially took the position that Israel had a right not only to defend itself, but also a right to destroy and defeat Hamas. On October 24, the White House was openly stating a cease-fire would be in Hamas’s interest.

Hamas still controls Rafah. Hamas still controls large parts of the Gaza Strip. But last week, the United States abstained from a U.N. resolution that separated off the demand for a cease-fire from the demand for a hostage release, allowing it to pass.

Biden has made a full turn, taking a complete pro-Hamas position. What Hamas wants more than anything else right now is an immediate cease-fire, leaving them holding the hostages.

On Thursday, the Biden administration gave Hamas what it wanted. Antony Blinken said that not only should there be an immediate cease-fire, but also that if Israel does not change its policy, then America would change its policy, presumably conditioning its aid to Israel.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - APRIL 04: Antony J. Blinken, United States Secretary of State, holds the closing press conference at the NATO headquarters on the second day of the NATO Foreign Affairs Ministers' meeting on April 04, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting of foreign ministers from NATO countries coincided with the 75th anniversary of the alliance's founding. (Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images)

Omar Havana/Getty Images

Israel has been allowing in hundreds of trucks to Gaza every single day. The reason the World Central Kitchen trucks were even in the Gaza Strip is because they’d been working with Israel for six months to facilitate aid into the Gaza Strip — at the behest of the Americans.

And Blinken is now saying if Israel doesn’t change its policy, then they will condition aid. He also suggested that if Israel didn’t care enough about civilians, they would become “indistinguishable from Hamas.”

That is an insane contention. That’s the kind of stupid crap you see in a bad Left-wing Hollywood movie where they say, “If we kill the bad guys, we will become the same as the bad guys.”

It is almost impossible to overstate how much the Biden administration has now flipped to the side of Hamas. All Hamas wants is to be preserved by the pathetic weakness of the West.

The face of Hamas is evil. Hamas uses human shields. If Hamas were a legitimate army out in the field like the Russian army, the United States would not end its support; it would increase support to Israel. But because Hamas is acting more evil than the Russian army, because they are hiding behind their own women and children, and because they’re holding hostages, the United States is saying Israel has to cave to them.

So Biden’s logic is that the more evil you are, the more the United States will force your opposition to cave to you.

Why does that threaten World War III? Because if you’re Iran watching this, you are licking your chops. If you are Iran, the single most powerful spreader of terror around the globe, and you’re watching this, you’re seeing that Hamas cannot militarily defeat Israel — which is why they’ve avoided open battle — and you are also watching the United States now preserving Hamas. The United States wants Hamas to be preserved.


The United States is currently giving money to Lebanon to help relocate people in southern Lebanon. Those towns are dominated by Hezbollah. The United States is clearing $10 billion a year in money flowing to Iran. While this is all happening, the radical Palestinian population in Jordan is now threatening the Hashemite Kingdom, which is an American ally. Further, the Houthis in Yemen have not only survived, they’ve continued to shut down trafficking in the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is putting pressure on Israel.

Blinken is playing propaganda fullback for Hamas, as he remarked, “Israel is a democracy; Hamas, a terrorist organization. Democracies place the highest value on human life, every human life. … It’s what distinguishes us from terrorists like Hamas. If we lose that reverence for human life, we risk becoming indistinguishable from those we confront.”

That is disgusting. Of course Israel places a premium on civilian life. They’ve gotten their own soldiers killed in order to preserve human life in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas is attempting to murder its own citizens. To liken Israel’s behavior to Hamas, to suggest that Israel does not place a premium on human life, is disgusting.

Hamas knows if they just hold the hostages long enough and kill enough civilians, the United States will eventually declare Israel must lose the war and preserve Hamas.

All of this raises the prospects of World War III because Iran is going to get more aggressive; there will come a point where the existence of the state of Israel is at risk.

And if that happens, then the s*** really hits the fan. Because if you think Israel has unleashed its military power thus far, you are wrong. Israel has used a significant portion of its military power in the Gaza Strip. But if there is a full-on existential danger to the state of Israel, things are going to get extremely hot, extremely fast.

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