Beaten Black And Blue: Being A Black Cop In An America Under Siege


The truth is out there, but you’re not going to hear about it from mainstream media and most politicians. No one seems to care about the truth, the kind made up of facts — the kind that will set you free. Instead, we hear a message made up of outright lies for the sole purpose of supporting a political agenda. 

If you believe the media, leftist political pundits, and progressive Democrats, America is under siege from police departments filled with white supremacists ready to shoot down every person of color they can — especially young black men. According to them, the only way to fix what’s wrong in this country is to defund, and even do away with, the police. Do you want the real truth? America is under siege, but it’s from crazy ideas. Like sending social workers in to deal with domestic violence situations, as if that’s better and safer than having trained officers handle these dangerous calls. 

I want to set the record straight for Americans because the mainstream narrative you hear is not reality. My book, Beaten Black and Blue – Being a Black Cop in an America Under Siege, is a truth bomb of what it’s really like to be a police officer, especially a black police officer. When I started my career as an officer, I didn’t set out to write a book. When my time as an officer came to an end, I shared my opinion on what was going on in our country. I felt I knew what was really happening in our police departments, in our communities, and on our streets. I was calling out the lies where I saw them, and I had the luxury of speaking the truth without repercussions. The more I posted, the more I heard from active police officers thanking me for being their voice. I said things they couldn’t say without putting their jobs — and sometimes their lives — at risk. That’s when I knew what I was doing had a larger role in society than just sharing my own thoughts. I realized it was time to write a book so more people could hear the voices and stories from today’s police officers.

My experience cannot speak for everyone — that’s why I reached out to five other police officers to share their unique perspectives in this book. Black, white, east coast, west coast — we all have a story to tell that’s different from what the media would have you believe. Now, I’m not going to lie; police officers are not perfect. But police officers are the least racist people I know. Let me say that again — police officers are the least racist people I know! That’s one of the biggest lies I hear all the time. What’s crazy is people slap that label onto every officer who wears the blue uniform, including black officers. Every officer’s story in the book will tell you the truth from their point of view. 

Why is the reality of policing so far from the mainstream narrative? As I’ve already shared, it’s for a political agenda. It’s about keeping people scared and victimized so others will have power over them. Painting police officers as racists is a part of that victimization. It’s alarming, grabs headlines, and creates talking points for the left’s desire to do away with police and gain political control over communities. Are there times when police officers abuse their position? Yes. There are also times when that’s not the case, but if the media can make it appear racially motivated, it supports their agenda — the truth be damned. That’s why from George Floyd to Jacob Blake, my book addresses the biggest police cases in the media and lays out all the facts — good and bad — for people to understand. 

No one likes to see blue lights flashing in their rearview mirror, but police officers are not the enemy. The majority of Americans don’t understand they’re being duped. They’re held hostage by a vocal, angry, misinformed minority who use every trick in the book to keep this country divided. One of their biggest weapons they use is the lie that our laws and the police officers who uphold them are all racist. Every police officer I know joined the force to help their community, to be a hero, not to target a specific group of people. 

Being a police officer is hard on a good day. It’s impossible in today’s world where police officers are treated as the enemy. It’s beyond hell when you’re a black police officer who is distrusted and labeled a bigot or racist. Forget the idea that defunding the police will create more compassionate neighborhoods. Defunding means fewer police with less training, and that means more crime and less safety for everyone. 

It’s a jungle out there and because so many officers cannot speak for themselves — because they have to be careful of repercussions from every level — I will continue to speak for them. A definition for “under siege” is when a person or group is very seriously attacked or criticized by many people. My hope is that this book is a step to end this siege, share the truth, and create a path to a better country.

Brandon Tatum is a former Tucson police officer who served as the Director of Urban Outreach at Turning Point USA. Brandon is the co-founder of BLEXIT, and the founder and CEO of three companies, including The Officer Tatum, LLC. His new book, Beaten Black and Blue – Being a Black Cop in an America Under Siege is available for pre-order now.

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