Are There Aliens Among Us?


Adapted from “The Michael Knowles Show,”  June 21, 2023. 

The biggest debate at The Daily Wire is not over gender, the 2024 presidential race, or immigration. It is, instead, over aliens.

Some people believe that aliens are real. E.T. comes down, abducts people, and prowls around like a little green man. Then other people are correct — observers who know it is fake. It’s not real.

We are not alone in the universe, but as far as corporeal beings with rational souls go, we are alone. When people see these unidentified flying objects and encounter little green men, they are most likely talking to demons.

People make fun of me for this. But the reason people make fun of me for this point of view is because they are “moderns.” They are modern secular libs. Aliens are just demons for modern lib people who cannot imagine there is such a thing as metaphysical reality. They are for people who are materialists, people who think that everything that’s real must be flesh and blood, which is not true. Some of the most important things in life are not material: hopes, dreams, love, mathematics, and plenty of things that are metaphysical, such as moral order.

But we have convinced ourselves in this sophisticated day and age that everything must be physical. So, even the celestial beings have to be physical. They can’t be merely spiritual.

This brings me to a man by the name of Luis Elizondo, a former intelligence agent with the Department of Defense. He claims he was the director of the Pentagon’s UFO program from 2010 to 2017, which Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has confirmed.

In an interview from two years ago, Elizondo says an official whom he tremendously respected told him not to pursue and look into these extraterrestrial beings because they already knew what it was. Elizondo assumed it was our own technology, but when he asked that, the official told him, no, they are demonic, and “we should not be pursuing them.”

That’s correct. That is what these are. The aliens are demonic.

Now, Elizondo disagreed with the more senior Pentagon official and believed they did need to investigate it, get the data, and probe for more information. He wanted to find out what was going on. But my question is, why?

Why do we need to do that? Curiosity is not a virtue. If we recall the words of Hamlet, “There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” — and certainly the desiccated modern philosophy that ignores metaphysical things.

If there were — which there is not — a super race of extremely intelligent, extraterrestrials coming for us who can cross the galaxy, move faster than the speed of lightning, outsmart our technology with their own advancements, then we would not beat them. That would be like a squirrel who tries to beat an army of human beings. And if they’re demons, then we should want nothing to do with them.

There is spiritual reality.

We are body and soul. We are highly morphic composite beings with rational souls. That’s why we have an appetite; we eat food and drink water to sustain ourselves. But man does not live by bread alone, and we can use our abstract reason and moral judgment to think about things like justice, art, culture, or opera. We can do both.

Certain beings, however, are purely physical and do not have a rational soul, such as a rock. Even the animals don’t have abstract reason, which is why we don’t put them on trial. We don’t put a dog on trial when he bites someone. And then opposite that, there are different beings that are metaphysical. Ideas are metaphysical, and angels and demons are metaphysical too. Everyone has known this for all of history until the arrival of modern, Western, liberal, secular people 100 years ago.

So, if they are demons, then as C.S. Lewis pointed out, the right attitude is to know that they exist and be on guard. They try to prey on souls, tear you down to hell, and give you a bad eternity, but we shouldn’t be too curious about them.

That’s how I feel about aliens — or really, demons, as even the Pentagon admits.

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