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AP Provides Evidence Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick Tried To Swindle Washington Transit Authority

By  James Barrett

In a report rather innocuously titled “3rd Brett Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick has history of legal disputes,” the Associated Press provides deeply damaging evidence regarding Swetnick’s credibility, including that she has been involved in “at least six legal cases over the past 25 years,” some of which involved what evidence strongly suggests are multiple false claims by Swetnick.

With no corroborating evidence, Swetnick — who is represented by Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti — has accused Brett Kavanaugh of drugging girls and potentially participating in “gang rapes” at high school parties, about ten of which she says she attended. At one of those parties, Swetnick says she herself was gang raped, though she has not accused Kavanaugh of being one of the alleged rapists. For its interview with Swetnick which aired Monday night, NBC News introduced the interview by stating that they were unable to verify any of her claims. She provided NBC the names of four witnesses: one was dead; one said they did not know Swetnick; the two others failed to respond. During the interview, Swetnick walked back her most explosive claims.

In a report published ahead of the interview on Monday, AP provided details about legal cases involving Swetnick, including the widely reported lawsuit against her by her former employer Webtrends, which alleged that in response to a report that she engaged in “unwelcome sexual innuendo and inappropriate conduct” toward two male co-workers, Swetnick claimed four co-workers sexually harassed her. The company found no evidence for her claims and discovered that she had falsified information on her application. The suit was eventually dropped.

Another troubling legal dispute highlighted by AP is a 1994 personal injury lawsuit Swetnick filed against the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which contains strong evidence that she attempted to swindle the department. AP reports that Swetnick sued the transit authority for $420,000 in earnings she said she allegedly lost after hurting her nose in a fall on a train in 1992. AP reports (formatting adjusted):

Swetnick, who described herself in court records as a model and actor, claimed she had “numerous modeling commitments” with several companies at the time of the accident but missed out them because of her injuries. To support her claim for lost wages, Swetnick named “Konam Studios” as one of the companies promising to employ her. A court filing identified Nam Ko, a representative of “Kunam Studios,” as a possible plaintiff’s witness for her case.

Ko, however, told AP on Friday that he was just a friend of Swetnick’s and that he had never owned a company with a name spelled either way and had never agreed to pay her money for any work before she injured her nose. He said he first met Swetnick at a bar more than a year after her alleged accident.

“I didn’t have any money back then. I (was) broke as can be,” Ko said. Ko said he has a hazy memory of Swetnick asking to use him as a “character reference” but doesn’t recall hearing about her lawsuit. “I thought it was for a job application,” he said.

The lawsuit was dismissed in 1997 after the attorneys resolved it out of court. “Vincent Jankoski, one of the lawyers who defended the agency, said the case was resolved without paying Swetnick any money after she failed to provide documentation supporting her lost-wage claims,” AP reports.

The transit authority lawsuit includes another interesting twist. AP notes that the paperwork filed by Swetnick’s attorney included a letter by Richard Zamora — who now goes by Richard Vinneccy — claiming that Swetnick was going to be hired by the company Fiber Sign Inc. for a base salary of $60,000 but went with someone else after she injured her nose. Vinneccy is the ex-boyfriend of Swetnick who eventually filed a restraining order against her after he said she threatened him and his family.

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