Anti-Semitic Left Strikes At Columbia University

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators at an encampment at Columbia University in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of New York, US, on Monday, April 22, 2024. Columbia University took its classes online after days of anti-Israel protests roiled its New York City campus and prompted condemnation from the White House and City Hall. Photographer: Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg via Getty Images

There is a cadre of students at Columbia University who decided to occupy the center of the campus and harass Jewish students.

They yelled “Stop killing children” and “Go back to Poland” as the Jewish students were simply trying to get from campus back to their dorm rooms. They chanted for Hamas to hit Tel Aviv. They tried to form a human chain to keep Jewish students out. One anti-Semitic student decided to stand right in front of several pro-Israel protesters suggesting they be killed with rockets.

The Columbia University Orthodox rabbi issued a message to all the Jewish students strongly recommending they return home as soon as possible and remain home “until the reality in and around the campus is dramatically improved. It is not our job as Jews to ensure our own safety on campus. No one should have to endure this level of hatred, let alone at school.”

These protests are designed to harass and intimidate students in violation of all codes of ethics and conduct at the private university.

Over at Yale, similar levels of anti-Semitic activity occurred. Additionally, Yale students were cheering as the American flag came down.

At Northwestern University, the dean of students attended an anti-Israel protest targeting Hillel, the nonpartisan Jewish Student Community Center. Protest organizers were demanding the university end its relationship with Hillel, which is just a Jewish community organization existing on campus.

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The revolutionary class is generally not a bunch of impoverished people who simply are trying to work a job and feed their families. Typically, it’s upper crust elites who have nothing better to do with their time and no sense of purpose so they decide to join in.

Now, the White House has put out a statement on anti-Semitism at Columbia. Andrew Bates commented on the situation, saying, “While every American has the right to peaceful protest, calls for violence and physical intimidation, targeting Jewish students and the Jewish community are blatantly AntiSemitic, unconscionable, and dangerous — they have absolutely no place on any college campus, or anywhere in the United States of America. And echoing the rhetoric of terrorist organizations, especially in the wake of the worst massacre committed against the Jewish people since the Holocaust, is despicable. We condemn these statements in the strongest terms.”

Perhaps Biden’s administration should stop trying to please Hamas spokespeople in the United States.

The most amusing tweet came courtesy of Marc Caputo, who’s a national political reporter for The Bulwark. He wrote, “With its top journalism school and journalism review, Columbia holds an esteemed place in media. So how did @CJR, Columbia profs & the reporters it produces miss the formation of so much anti-Israel or ant-Semitic bias fostered at & around the school? How did NY media miss it?”

How did the New York media miss it? The answer: They didn’t miss it. They fostered it. For years, the New York Times has refused to cover attacks on Jews in New York City so long as those attacks were being committed by minority criminals. Intersectionality is a hell of a drug, and this entire world view has promoted anti-Semitism, particularly at elite institutions.

Open anti-Semitism has been on the rise for legitimately decades on campus. It was rife on campus when I was there 20 years ago. It’s particularly rife from the radical Muslim community, and it’s been fostered by a Left-wing college administration across campuses for two generations that believes in the intersectional hierarchy of victimhood, in which Muslims outrank Jews.


Leftists have a cheap and easy way of signaling their anti-Westernism and anti-Americanism without actually having to say they’re anti-Western and anti-American. They just put it all on Israel. All the reasons they use to hate Israel are reasons that also apply to the United States. They understand there might be consequences if they talk about how America is an evil colonial power and how American soldiers are human rights violators. So instead, they say it about Israel because it’s a cheap and easy way to virtue signal.

This then transmutes into anti-Semitism because the conspiracy theory by the far-Left has always been that there is a cadre of powerful people who have all the systems to their benefit. Jews are a minority group that is disproportionately successful in American society, and since the leftists believe the system must be rigged by those who are successful, anti-Semitism rises.

What’s even worse is that on college campuses, this went from a generalized worldview to an article of faith.

A lot of people were puzzled why after October 7, the worst atrocity against Jews since the Holocaust, all of this anti-Semitism sprang up. Normally, you would expect to see the reverse after a giant atrocity by an open, evil terrorist group against Jews of all sorts, including predominantly Left-wing Jews living in the Gaza envelope. Why did you see this massive outpouring of support for Hamas? 

The answer is that it’s an article of faith for members of the Left, proverbial skin in the game, to show fealty to the intersectional ideal by suggesting that even the worst human beings on planet Earth, like Hamas, are actually just victims of some sort of intersectional hierarchy. The more you pay fealty to the worst people in the world, the more you have shown your fealty to the cause.

And that’s how you end up with people who are doing the vicious work at Columbia University.

The most highly-educated people on planet Earth often have the least amount of wisdom.

And there’s nothing new about that because smart people can talk themselves into — and out of — virtually anything.

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