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Ann Coulter Launches Twitter War Against Delta Airlines. Delta Responds.

On Saturday, conservative pundit and anti-immigration activist Ann Coulter launched a Twitter war against Delta after the airline company’s flight attendant’s allegedly moved her out of a “pre-booked” seat.

At six feet tall, Coulter booked a “Comfort+’’ seat to accommodate her larger stature. The seat provides an extra three inches of legroom. However, according to Coulter, flight attendants refused to allow her to sit in her specified “pre-booked” seat and instead gave the seat to someone who is neither an “air marshal” nor a “tall person.”

The political personality documented the incident, taking photos of of the individual assigned to her seat and the flight attendant she encountered.

Coulter then featured the photos in a protracted Twitter rant that is still-ongoing.

Coulter’s rant goes on:

And on:

And on:

At one point, she even blames “immigrants” for stealing seats on Delta flights. Classic Coulter:

Then, she compares her experience to a psychological experiment featuring torture:

Finally, she highlights some negative press about the airline:

After taking quite the verbal beating, Delta finally responded, agreeing to a $30 refund before condemning Coulter for “unacceptable and unnecessary” “insults” about “customers and employees.”

Sometimes, Twitter is far too entertaining for our own good.