Andrew Tate’s Filthy Grift

British-US former professional kickboxer and controversial influencer Andrew Tate (C) and his brother Tristan Tate (R) speak to journalists after having been released from detention in Bucharest, Romania on March 12, 2024, after they appeared in a court after Romanian police detained them over UK sex offence charges. A Bucharest court on March 12 granted a request to extradite controversial influencer Andrew Tate to the UK over sex offence charges, but only after the conclusion of legal proceedings in Romania in a separate case. The Bucharest appeals court ruling "orders the execution of the warrant of arrest issued on 19 January 2024" by the Westminster Magistrates' Court, but postpones extradition "until the final resolution of the case" in Romania, which could take years. (Photo by Daniel MIHAILESCU / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images)

There are a few things in life that if somebody tells you, you automatically know they are a grifter. They’re a con man; they’re trying to con you into something.

The most obvious sign of a con artist is somebody who’s telling you that a well-known, well-worn truth — something that is absolutely irrefutable — is not true. They know better.

They know better because they’ve seen through the matrix, they’ve seen through that truth; that truth is actually a mask for the underlying reality.

Now, there may be some widely held notions that are untrue, but in order to debunk those notions, you would actually have to show why your notions are better.

However, if someone suggests, for example, “Hard work is useless. I have a better way to earn you fast money without a lot of work, without getting yourself educated, without putting in the hours to develop a skill set,” that person is conning you. They are lying to you.

If somebody were to tell you there is an easy way for you to get fit with no exercise while eating trash, that person would be lying to you. That person would be conning you because, obviously, you need to eat healthy and exercise if you want to be in shape.

And the biggest one of all — and it’s held true by pretty much every grifter movement of the last couple of centuries — is the idea that you should not get married, that marriage is bad for you, that somehow marriage is going to ruin your life.

Now, there are a lot of problems with the current legal structure of marriage. I agree with the critique of the current legal structure of marriage. No-fault divorce is one of the worst things that ever happened to Western civilization.

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Marriage is a commitment. That commitment is lifelong. There should actually have to be a really good reason why you are divorcing. That is particularly true if you have children because marriage is designed as the fundamental building block of institutional society. It is the place where children are reared. It is the place where you produce children, and children require stability.

It is from those fundamental building blocks of civilization — “the little platoons,” as Edmund Burke called them — that you can actually build a functional, free civilization, which is why every grifter movement of the last couple of centuries has assaulted the family from the outside.

For example, Karl Marx was very big on assaulting the family. The Communist Manifesto famously suggests abolition of the family. Why? Because the family is a place where you might learn “bourgeoisvalues. It’s a place where you might be inculcated into responsibility, duty, or church. These are all very bad, according to the Marxist movement, which is why the Communist Manifesto says,

On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution.

So blowing up the family would allow for a better world. Don’t get married. Fight the fight. Blow up the traditional institutions that actually support a functional society, and fight the fight.

The idea of the Left is that every single person is basically a malleable widget violating the strictures of the evil society. This is part of the big con, which is the idea that there are things like gender roles that are rooted in biology; however, if you can see through that immutable truth, then you will have destroyed the matrix. This is the perspective of the Left, and this is why they fight the family. This is also why children have become a tote bag to this group of people. It’s something you occasionally have in order to manipulate in a particular form or fashion.

But the attack on the family is not, unfortunately, restricted to the political Left. All grifters, all con men, have to take immutable truths and subvert those immutable truths in favor of something only they have uncovered — something incredible that you never knew about. And if you just take the red pill, then you’ll know it.

You’ll know it, and then you’ll be right. You won’t have to do hard work in order to be rich. You won’t have to be a good person in order to attract a good mate. You won’t have to spend the time raising your children in order to be a successful man. They’ve discovered the secret.

The leader on this side of the movement is Andrew Tate, who got his start as a provocative reality TV star, then began a webcam business effectively grooming women into sex trafficking. According to his own admission, that’s how he made his money. Whether he says they were groomed or not, the reality is he groomed women into getting into the webcam industry and pornography.

This is Andrew Tate’s game. He’s considered entertaining because he “explodes the myths.” But the way that he “explodes the myths” is by playing a really stupid game for stupid people.

The game is like this. “I’m going to say two transgressive things, things that violate the taboos of the culture around me. One of those things is true, and one of those things is false. But because they are both transgressive and because people will oppose me on both of them — one for bad reasons and one for good reasons — I have somehow gotten under the skin of the matrix. Everyone opposes me, which is why I’m a rebel.”

That’s Andrew Tate’s entire game.

So he will say things like feminism has ruined men by usurping the male role and robbing men of their initiative. That is true. That is not politically correct to say.

But then he will say another transgressive thing that is absolutely false. For example, “Women love it when you treat them like garbage, and you should treat women like garbage; dominant men are the kind of men who treat women like garbage.”

That is not true. It’s transgressive. And it’s transgressive specifically because it’s evil. It is bad to say. It is bad to think. Women should not be treated like trash, and good women do not want to be treated like trash. Further, treating women like trash is not going to make your life better. And it is not going to make their life better.

But it is transgressive to say; it is taboo. Tate has violated many taboos, and he can get away with it because the rules don’t apply to him. He’s a “Nietzschean Ubermensch” because he is very buff and because he works out a lot and because he smokes cigars. And this means you should listen to him.

You should listen to him so much that you should pay him $49.99 a month to join Hustler’s University, where you will learn other secrets — secrets like how you don’t need hard work and initiative in order to really get ahead. You can learn his magical methods for making lots of money.

You can own a Bugatti, just like Tate owns a Bugatti. All you have to do is listen to his magical business advice, which explodes all of the matrices of truth, the immutable truths.

The reason I’m bringing up Andrew Tate is because he, again, is playing the game with two transgressive things. The true thing that he has said is, “I pray Christianity regains its strength and protects its societies against the pervasive and constant erosion of morality by the devotees of Satan. If you accept everything, you stand for nothing.” I agree with every word of that statement. Christianity ought to regain its strength and protect its society against the pervasive and constant erosion of morality by the devotees of Satan.

But then, Tate put out tweets like the one that he did yesterday. It comes up in the context of marriage. Yet again, he is saying an immutable truth must be exploded. That immutable truth is the fundamental good and necessity of family.

He stated, “Dear white men. You’re f***ed. You’re being replaced because none of you have children.” Even within this tweet, he is making a couple points: one true, one false.

One, Western societies are not reproducing at replacement rate. That’s very bad. But he goes further because his game is to say many transgressive things — some true, some false. He writes: 

Dear white men. You’re f***ed. You’re being replaced because none of you have children. Even those of you bi***ing about the replacement online like little girls don’t find the gumption to f***. I see white men bragging about having 5 kids as if it’s an achievement. lol. Five? Lolol. Per year right? Ohhhh. All you white boys lost control of you’re (sic) women and now they won’t accept multiple wives anymore. 

Now they tell you they don’t want anymore kids. One’s (sic) enough. They don’t want to do their god given job anymore no, they want Instagram likes instead. So you’re (sic) genetic potential is stumped by the whims of some singular female. A female who takes 9 whole months to grow a single baby. Other races have multiple ovens for bread. We’re not cucked. Some **** is screaming at you about loyalty and you’re sitting there saying, “yes, baby” Jerking off to porn when she’s asleep or maybe cheating with a side***** (CONDOM ON!) Oh no I couldn’t get another woman pregnant my wife would kill me!!! Total f***ing losers. 

Soon your race will be nothing more than a few pages in a history book. A lesson on what happens when you f *** the female psyche so hard they’re obsessed with money and social media as opposed to being one of many baby factories for a king. 30 children minimum for the dons. White people? Go talk to your “best friend” wife about what to do this weekend. Maybe you can take a nice walk around the Ikea. Enjoy extinction. 

So, one true thing, many false things. One true thing: People need to have more kids in Western civilization. But many false things: Marriage is bad. Loyalty to your spouse is bad. Society can be built on men running around having sex with 30 women and having 30 kids per year, and this is the true measure of a man.

And young men think, “Wow, that sounds amazing,” because the male sex drive looks for various women. That is just the way that mammalian biology is built. Men seek to impregnate many females. So that sounds great to a bunch of young men. Or getting off on Tate’s webcam business. It sounds amazing to them.

That’s also not how societies are built. But again, the idea is — and this is how you know it’s a con — marriage is bad. He’s actually saying marriage is bad because if you’re a “person who has five kids, lol.”

I have four kids. I’ve been married for 15 years. If you have four kids, double the replacement rate, you are doing your societal job. But that can only exist and can only create functional children, children who are going to propagate good values, if there’s a father in the home.

Here’s the thing. If you impregnate many ladies and then you leave, you have created a generation of young men who are incapable of raising themselves. The effects of single motherhood in the United States are very well known: high levels of drug use, of crime, of poverty, of suicidal ideation. It creates actual pathologies. 

That is what Andrew Tate is promoting because he is a con artist, and he’s conning you into doing something. He is conning you into giving away the only pathway toward actual societal success and personal success in favor of his vision of a Genghis Khan-like spreading of his seed.

The reason this is important is because a lot of young men are falling into this sort of treachery.

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