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An Extended Look At Candace Owens Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

"I'm just not going to be bullied to say something."
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Conservative culture warrior Candace Owens is taking viewers behind the scenes like never before, detailing her motivation for her highly anticipated Daily Wire show, “CANDACE,” and candidly discussing her childhood, her rocketing success in politics, and her newest adventure: motherhood.

Owens’ new talk show, “CANDACE,” which is slated to debut on March 19, will be taped in front of a live studio audience in Nashville — and it will erase the media’s “caricature” of Owens, she said.

“I think one of the strangest things about where I’m at is the fact that the media has done a really good job of creating a caricature of Candace Owens,” she said. “And part of that caricature is that I’m always on the defense, I’m angry, I’m upset. And that just couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister. And that has been completely, I think, stripped away in this age of media propaganda and building people as either good guys or bad guys.”

Her sense of humor, Owens said, will shine through. “I can say for certain that people that work with me, they are always so surprised that I have a sense of humor and that really speaks to how successful the media has been at hardening me,” the conservative detailed. “Humor is my life, I’m always laughing, I have a great time. I don’t think you can get through life unless you have a sense of humor.”

Owens’ main motivation for the show is simple: to be her authentic self and speak her mind.

“I just want to be myself. It’s such a simple thing. I just want to be who I am and not feel like I have to be someone because the media demands it. … There’s just this culture of bullying and trying to paint people into corners. Well, you are a woman, so you need to be this. You are a man so you need to be this. You are a lesbian, you need to be this. And at the end of the day, I think people just want to be who they are. And a lot of my followers, I think, feel that I gave them the permission to be themselves because I do so unapologetically.”

The commentator, author, and BLEXIT founder is known for her fire, which Owens said is something she was born with.

“Without question I have always been exactly this person,” she said. “My parents really tell me that I came out of the womb like this. I was just one of those no-nonsense toddlers. They could never manipulate me; I was always so committed to the truth. I mean, simple things like when parents say, if you don’t do this then Santa’s not going to come. My parents say that I would turn to them and say, well, then tell Santa not to come.”

“I just always required a better explanation than just because I wanted to understand the reasons that people wanted me to do something,” Owens continued. “And I think that I’ve just sort of carried that and it’s somehow landed me in a political space.”

One thing that has intensified Owens, even more, is motherhood.

“I think the one thing that motherhood has transformed for me is the severity of this moment,” Owens emphasized. “Before, it’s easy to jump on a stage and say to people, here is why this is wrong, and here’s why as a society we have to change things. But when you become a parent, it becomes much more crucial because you realize that the world that we’re deciding upon right now is to be the world that your child has to live in.”

Right now, “America is creating a society that no child can flourish in,” warned the new mother. “You’re not allowed to make mistakes; we’re so unforgiving in this moment. We have people that are digging up tweets from 20 years ago and canceling people because of it. And part of being a child is being allowed to grow up. It’s being allowed to make mistakes. So where do children stand when a society says, no, you’re not allowed to anymore? I think everything feels a lot more heavy and I’m really committed to changing things right now.”

Owens’ skyrocketing success has made her a target of political opponents and detractors. “People spend so much time hating me, it’s almost a full-time job,” Owens detailed. “I’m impressed with some of the things that they do.”

But Owens’ thick skin and sense of humor have allowed her to rise above the noise.

“First and foremost, I think my haters should know that I have a sense of humor,” she explained. “I grew up with two sisters that are a year apart. If you think you can torture me, you didn’t grow up in my household. I have an incredibly thick skin, a lot of cousins. If you think you said something about me, it’s probably already was said to me when I was six years old by a cousin, a brother or sister.”

“I’m a pretty formed person. I feel strong on my two feet. I know what I believe,” she continued. “And I’m just not going to be bullied to say something. One thing I can say you’ll never get from me on this show is one of those celeb apologies. Copy and pasted like they’re being held hostage apologies. Because if I make a mistake, I’ll own it and keep moving forward. And I hope people feel that they have the permission to make mistakes.”

Owens also detailed her faith in God, and how fundamental faith is in our society. “I am a Christian. I’m a proud Christian. I’m a loud Christian,” she said, adding, “You don’t need to be religious to understand that there are things in the Bible that will make your life better. I think the Bible should go back to being taught in schools, there are invaluable, timeless, if you want to take them as lessons, proverbs of the Bible, and many of them that are re-introduced today as sayings and people don’t know where these expressions came from. They came from the Bible, it grounds you.”

“CANDACE,” Owens said, “is going to be funny. This show is going to be uplifting. This show is going to be political. Without question, this show is going to be all of the pieces of me.”

The show will be a weekly series found only at The Daily Wire and available each Friday exclusively for members. Non-members can receive 25% off their membership with promo code CANDACE.


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