Amy Schumer Says Selena Gomez Was ‘Sexualized At Such A Young Age’ As Singer Admits To Being ‘Ashamed’ Of 1 Of Her Album Covers

Singer Selena Gomez (L) and Hollywood Comedy Award honoree Amy Schumer pose onstage during the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 1, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.
Photo by Christopher Polk/HFA2015/Getty Images for dcp

Amy Schumer heaped praise on singer Selena Gomez who she said was “sexualized at such a young age” as the pop star admitted to being “ashamed” about one of her album covers because she’s not an “overly sexual person.”

The 29-year-old Disney channel star was part of The Hollywood Reporter’s actress roundtable discussion with other female comedy actresses when the topic of performers being “sexualized” came up. Schumer told Gomez how proud of her she was because she “rejected” it from a system “that made her feel like she had no choice but to go along with it.” The clip was posted on YouTube recently by the outlet. It starts at the 33:51 minute mark here.

“You know, someone like Selena who was sexualized at such a young age,” Schumer told Selena. “But you just like kind of have rejected that. And like have really found your own style and your own presence. Like you didn’t let anybody …”

“I know they put you through a system and make you feel like this is how you have to do it,”the 41-year-old comedian added. “And especially when you’re getting that positive feedback when people are attracted to you, it takes a lot to go, ‘I’m going to go in this direction.'”


“It’s really unfair,” Gomez responded, and admitted that she was uncomfortable with the cover of one of her albums.

“I actually did an album cover and I was really ashamed after I did it,” the “Spring Breakers” star explained. “I had to work through those feelings because I realized it was attached to something deeper that was going on. It was a choice that I wasn’t necessarily happy that I made, but I think that I’ve done my best, at least I try to be myself.”

“I’m not an overly sexual person,” she added. “Sometimes I like to feel sexy, but doesn’t mean it’s for somebody else. It can be for me.”

Though the “Wolves” hitmaker never named what the album was, it is hard to forget that the pop star at the age of 24 posed completely nude for the cover of her “Revival” album that came out in 2015. For those who might have missed it, the singer was totally nude in the cover photo and used only her arms and legs to strategically cover her body.

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