Americans Don’t Trust Biden On Immigration. Passing More Laws Won’t Change That.

US President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event at Pearson Community Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024. Biden implored Nevada voters to make Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a "loser," part of a two-day swing designed to gain an advantage in a battleground state he hopes to win again later this year. Photographer: Ian Maule/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Ian Maule/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Biden administration is in a bind: Americans do not trust them on immigration.

The reason Americans do not trust them on immigration is because they’ve basically declared they are in favor of open borders. In an NBC poll, Joe Biden is currently polling at a 37% approval rating. That is not a good reelect rating. That same NBC poll has him losing to Donald Trump by five points, 47 to 42. And it has Republicans ahead on the generic ballot by four points right now.

These are very bad numbers for Biden. The American people don’t trust him on immigration, and they also think he has the unilateral ability to actually stop the massive wave of illegal immigration we have been seeing.

He does. And they believe correctly that the Biden administration has made an overt decision they wish the border to remain open.

So when Biden protests and he says he doesn’t actually have the capacity to shut the border, no one believes him, especially when Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, is suggesting we need more migrants in the United States. He actually said this during an interview with the New York Times

Wouldn’t it be more orderly, and wouldn’t it be responsible governance to be able to deliver a lawful pathway to fill what we have, which is a labor need and cut the exploitative smugglers out and give the individuals a path to arrive lawfully safely in an orderly way to perform labor that we need? They can send remittances home. They can return home when their work is done. Isn’t that an element of a workable immigration system? 

When he was asked if he would like to expand legal pathways in order to relieve some of the pressure on the southern border where people come in illegally, he answered yes.

Do more migration, says Alejandro Mayorkas. He doesn’t really care whether it’s legal or illegal.

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The game the Democrats are playing is a game of trying to get Republicans to take ownership of the open border by crafting a “bipartisan immigration bill” so when things continue to fall apart, they can say Republicans helped craft the bill — and it’s their fault.

Yet Democrat Rep. Robert Menendez of New Jersey admits that support for mass deportations has now doubled. A new CNN poll reveals that 31% of Americans support prioritizing mass deportations of all people living in this country illegally. That’s up from 15% in 2019.

Menendez blamed Republicans, saying: 

People see the situation at the border and they’re responding to the Republican narrative around what’s happening at the border. Listen, there’s a global migration challenge between global climate change, between failed governments in our hemisphere. There’s a challenge that we have to address at the root cause and also how it’s appearing at our border. 

But when you look at what Republicans talk about, when you talk about a mass invasion, like you hear Texas Republicans talking about, when you talk about things like replacement theory, these are things that have gained hold in our electorate because that’s what Republicans are talking about. 

Because they think it’s, if they can come up with a conspiracy theory that’s dangerous enough, that Americans will trust them. So when you see the rise in support for mass deportations, it’s in response to a dangerous Republican narrative. 

The dangerous Republican narrative? That’s the problem? Not the gigantic wave of illegal immigration?


Perhaps the funniest media moment of the last 72 hours was CNN talking to experts on immigration, specifically about the fact some of the illegal immigrants who beat up cops last week would commit crimes in New York, then go to Florida and spend the money, then come back to New York. The CNN anchors asked why the immigrants would come back to New York? Why didn’t they just stay in Florida?

The illegal immigration expert, John Miller, chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst for CNN, admitted the illegal immigrants come back to New York because in Florida, they go to jail, and they won’t be deported if they are in New York.

Biden is bucking the law as it currently stands. He has an affirmative obligation as president of the United States to enforce border law.

He is not doing it. Passing more laws is not going to change that fact. It’s simply going to make everyone politically complicit in whatever Biden does with the border.

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