Only 7% of Journalists Are Republican

New research shows that only seven percent of journalists identify as Republican, evidence that the media is slanted in favor of the left.

The Washington Times reports that Lars Willnat and David Weaver, professors of journalism at Indiana University, determined Democrat journalists outnumber Republican journalists 4-to-1, as 28 percent of journalists are Democrats and 7 percent of journalists are Republicans.

This is backed up by a report in The Atlantic that shows that four in five journalists who align with a political party tend to align with Democrats. So the question is: Why?

Because of the incestuous nature in Washington, D.C. between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, that's why. Erick Erickson at RedState documents examples of journalists who have affiliations with Democrats:

  • Jonathan Allen, who has worked as a senior Washington correspondent for Politico, Washington Bureau Chief for Bloomberg and chief political correspondent for Vox, used to work for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL.)
  • Andy Barr, who used to cover former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for Politico, left to work for the Democratic Party in Arizona.
  • John Harris, Politico's Editor-in-Chief, is married to Ann O'Hanlon, who was the director of NARAL Virginia after being a writer for The Washington Post.
  • Chuck Todd, host of NBC's Meet the Press, is married to Kristian Todd, who used to be a communications person for the Democratic Party and founded Maverick Strategies and Mail, a political consulting firm for liberals. Todd himself used to be a staffer for Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA.).
  • Linda Douglass, current Global Head of Communications for Bloomberg, was a correspondent for CBS News, ABC News, contributing editor of National Journal and senior vice president of Global Communications for The Atlantic, and used to be the communications director of President Barack Obama's Office of Health Reform, which pushed through Obamacare.

This is a microcosm of the incestuous nature between the media and the Democratic Party. While having political experience is a good qualification to have, the problem is that Republicans are ostracized in the field of journalism and the liberals in the media have biased coverage in favor of Democrats.

For instance, when CBS News hired former Rep. Susan Molinari (R-N.Y.), they were attacked by an editorial in The New York Times titled "The GOP News from CBS." When Diane Sawyer was hired by CBS, many employees at the organization, including disgraced host Dan Rather, were beside themselves because she worked a low-level job for President Richard Nixon. It wasn't until she subjected Nixon to a hostile line of questioning that she became accepted by her colleagues at CBS.

The Washington Times reports that Lars Willnat and David Weaver, professors of journalism at Indiana University, determined Democrat journalists outnumber Republican journalists 4-to-1.

The media's coverage of Republicans is incredibly slanted. Politico smeared retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson on Friday by falsely claiming that Carson had fabricated a part of his memoir, and that false report dominated the news coverage that day. When Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton was first lady, she blatantly lied about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia and as Secretary of State she lied that a video caused the Benghazi attacks. Clinton also claimed that she tried to join the Marines, and the media is not investigating her claim. She did not face the same scrutiny from the media that Carson has.

Longtime journalist Evan Thomas, who at the time was assistant managing editor of Newsweek, told PBS News in 2004 that media bias in favor of then-Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry would portray him and vice-presidential candidate John Edwards as "young and dynamic and optimistic" and would swing the election by 15 points. Bill Whittle explains in this video that by that math, Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) would have blown out Obama in the 2008 election:

The Washington Times report illustrates how biased the media is toward the left, and why the right needs to unite to defeat them.


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