Meet The Off-Duty Police Officer Who Shot The Radical Islamic Terrorist In Minnesota

The terrorist who went on a stabbing rampage at the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, MN over the weekend was taken down by an off-duty police officer. The officer has been identified as Jason Falconer, a hero who has attempted to stay out of the spotlight since the attack.

Falconer, who used to be the police chief of Albany, MN, is now a part-time police officer in Avlon, MN. He was at the mall to look for a present for his daughter when the terror attack occurred.

Falconer shot the terrorist, Dahir Adan, when Adan attempted to attack him. Adan got back up three times before Falconer finally shot the bullet that killed him.

Avlon Police Chief Corey Nellis said that Falconer's presence at the mall was the result of "divine intervention."

"I believe he was the person that needed to be there to prevent it from being worse than it was," Nellis said.

Not only is Falconer a police officer, he runs a shooting range called Tactical Advantage, LLC—the type of organization that Hillary Clinton wants to bankrupt—which offers classes for firearm safety and acquiring a concealed carry permit.

Falconer's resume as a firearm trainer and as a shooter is quite impressive, via Bearing Arms:

Jason has been a member of the United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA) as well as a local club, St. Cloud Area Practical Shooters Association (SCAPSA) for many years. He competes at the SCAPSA outdoor range in matches and league competitions year-round, and has attained several league championships in various divisions. Jason is an avid three-gun competitor and has been privileged to participate on shooting squads at various 3-gun and tactical shotgun matches with professional shooters such as James Casanova, Rob Romero, Mark Harnish, Janson Jensen, Mark Miller, and Dave Neth. In June 2012, St. Cloud hosted the CAN-AM Games for Law Enforcement and Firefighters from around the world. Jason was fortunate to compete in various Can-Am events including two of his passions, shooting sports and ice hockey.For his efforts, as well as his team members, Jason earned six Can-Am medals, five for shooting events, and one for hockey. This was a tremendous experience to be treasured.

The former police chief also taught classes at St. Cloud State University (the same school that Adan attended) for nine years about the skills necessary to be in law enforcement.

Falconer's heroism also teaches an important lesson: Anyone "can be Jason Falconer," writes National Review's David French.

"In most communities in this country, you can not only own and carry a weapon for personal defense, you can also receive comprehensive training," French writes. "You have virtually no control over whether you’re at the right place at the right time, but you do have control over whether you’re the right person."


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