Leftists Become Unhinged After Trump Kills It On Fallon. It's Hilarious.

On Thursday night, Republican nominee Donald Trump appeared on NBC's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and did what Trump does best: he entertained. The media machine had the audience and the host laughing, and even created a memorable can't-look-away type of moment when Fallon messed up Trump's hair after receiving permission from the nominee.

This triggered leftists everywhere.

How dare Fallon not politicize his comedic late night talk show and drill Trump with questions? How dare he have fun with someone from the GOP? How dare he even invite this racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe onto his show? WHY DIDN'T FALLON BEAT TRUMP WITH A CLUB?!

Twitter overflowed with social justice warrior rants that would leave any Republican in stitches, even those on the #NeverTrump side. Here are some of the top pathetic hissy-fits:

The hysteria from the left never gets old, or less funny.


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