WATCH: Hillary Clinton In ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’

The internet has feasted on last weekend's 9/11 memorial footage of Hillary leaving early because of "overheating" and then having to be thrown into her getaway van like a sack of potatoes.

The clip of her steadying herself on a guard barrier while being tightly gripped by her staff just as her knees buckle, head wobbles, and ultimately moved by now two people grabbing her arms was the perfect bait for web trolls to quickly add her into the classic tale "Weekend At Bernie's." She was even added into the movie's cast credits on its Wikipedia page stating that Hillary plays herself:

The Youtube video (below), "Hillary Clinton's Weekend at Bernie's" is quickly making the rounds. And just as in the original where two insurance workers attempt to convince people their boss is still alive, Clinton's staff continues to attempt to convince people she's "feeling great!"

80's heartthrob Andrew McCarthy, who starred in the film, got into the fun after re-tweeting Trump and then the hilarious pic below:

Exit thought from a Twitterer who makes a fine point:


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