Feminist Magazine: It's 'Sexual Harassment' To Talk To A Woman Wearing Headphones

Feminists will not rest until they have successfully turned every last man into an Obama-approved Pajama Boy.

In their latest stunt aimed to neuter men while simultaneously infantilizing women, feminist magazine Bust blogger Patricia Affriol warns all those with a Y chromosome that they mustn’t ever speak to a woman who is wearing headphones. (This was apparently written after the feminist was triggered by a male blog post which offered advice to men attempting to approach such women.) Don’t ask her how she is doing. Don’t pay her a compliment. Don’t you dare ask her on a date. You know what, don't even look at her.

After all, such audacious acts are forms of “sexual harassment” and contributions to “a culture that allows and excuses harm to women's bodies," says Affriol.

No, really, that’s what the post says, and on a “serious note” to boot:

“But on a more serious note. Please don't talk to women who are wearing headphones. Don't be an asshole. It's sexual harassment. You're contributing to a culture that allows and excuses harm to women's bodies in public spaces,” it states, in a lovely piece titled, “Leave Me The F*Ck Alone When I’m Wearing Headphones.”

Other feminists agreed, of course.

It’s a wonder millennials reproduce at all these days.

The feminist author then explains that she personally would never want to be talked to while wearing headphones, therefore nor would any other woman.

“Women get enough harassment, stares, and leers without headphones,” she says. “And now we have to worry about being badgered while wearing our only saving grace. Headphones are usually my sole protection from unwanted attention, my signal to the world that I don't want to be bothered.”

Specifically lamenting the innocent male blog post informing men how to approach and talk to women wearing headphones, the Bust blogger continued to spew her hyperbolic take: “This dating expert is advocating for men to violate a woman's personal space and take away their precious alone time,” she dramatically states. “Frankly- I don't care how handsome, how confident, how suave you are- my headphones are a sign to leave me alone.”

Affriol added, “This type of nauseating advice encourages men to violate nonverbal body language and exercise their power to support their ego's [sic].”

After explaining a horrific scenario in which a man strikes up a conversation with a woman he's interested in, and then (trigger warning) removes one of her ear buds, the feminist offers up how she’d react: “Seriously, if [a] guy took off my headphones, I would fucking slap him,” she writes.

This is seriously dramatic, and grossly misdirected. If a woman doesn't want to be spoken to, she can use her words like a big girl and tell the man trying to talk her to get lost. We don't need to infantilize women to the point of classifying these innocent acts as "sexual harrassment."

Just stop it.

“Seriously, if [a] guy took off my headphones, I would f**king slap him."

Feminist Patricia Affriol

But, let's be honest, if Affriol is anything like the feminists we’ve previously witnessed in media, we’ll soon find a piece penned by her complaining about the lack of male attention she receives while wearing headphones.

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