The social justice "safe space" movement took another step "forward" this week with several college students proudly announcing that they were looking for non-white roommates. "People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces," one minority student said when called out for the overt racism. "It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self[-]preservation."

The Claremont Independent reported on the "POC only" safe space movement Tuesday, highlighting a series of posts by a group of students at Pitzer College, a private liberal arts college in Claremont, looking for non-white roommates, some of whom were members of the Pitzer Latino Student Union. Coming to the defense were two of the college's resident assistants.

The idea was encouraged by a female Latina student, who said on Facebook that anyone looking for a roommate should contact her — but not any white people. The roommate invitation, she made clear, was "POC only," explaining, "I don’t want to live with any white folks."

When the post was called out by a fellow student for its clear racism, a female member of the Pitzer Latino Student Union employed the go-to leftist microaggression rhetoric, arguing that minorities are "allowed" to exclude white people as a means of "self-preservation."

"People of color are allowed to create safe POC only spaces," she wrote. "It is not reverse racism or discriminatory, it is self preservation [sic]. Reverse racism isn’t a thing."

"We don’t want to have to tiptoe around fragile white feelings in a space where we just want to relax and be comfortable,” added one Women's Studies major in defense of racially exclusive safe spaces. "I could live with white people, but I would be far more comfortable living with other poc."

The Claremont Independent's Elliot Dordick notes that two resident assistants eventually got into the debate to defend anti-white safe spaces. One of the RAs, a Black Student Union member, wrote, "White people have cause [sic] so much mf trauma on these campuses … why in the world would I want to live with that? Bring that into my home? A place that is supposed to be safe for me?"

The other RA, an Africana Studies major, blamed white people for creating a "toxic environment" that requires minorities to "protect themselves." Here's the charming post that ends with the RA shutting down any further "dialogue" on the issue:

“White people always mad when they don’t feel included but at the end of the day y’all are damaging asf [sic] and if a POC feels they need to protect themselves from that toxic environment THEY CAN! Quick to try to jump on a POC but you won’t call your friends out when they’re being racist asf [sic]. I’m not responding to NO comments and NOPE I don’t wanna have a dialogue.”

Dordick provides an excerpt from Pitzer College's "Intercultural Understanding" statement that proves particularly ironic:

"Intercultural Understanding enables Pitzer students to comprehend issues and events from cultural lenses beyond their own. [Pitzer College] supports the thoughtful exchange of ideas to increase understanding and awareness, and to work across difference without intimidation. We have the right to be heard and the responsibility to listen. Communication, even at its most vigorous, should be respectful and without intent to harm.”

Welcome to the new reality of college campuses: segregated safe spaces and unabashed anti-white racism.

H/T Campus Reform