3 Flags Democrats Loved At The DNC, And 3 They Hated

Democrats are so often predictable, which is why there was little surprise at the flags that were raised at the Democratic National Convention this week, and the flags that were shamefully excluded.

Here are three flags that were shown love at the DNC:

1. The Palestinian flag.

According to Ali Kurnaz, a Sanders delegate who led a an anti-Israel demonstration at the DNC, his Palestinian flag hoisting and Palestine sticker distributing was cheered on by many Democrats who were there.

“I have not had a single Bernie delegate say anything negative when I have given out these signs,” he told Mondoweiss, a pro-Sanders website. “I get fist bumps, high fives. Or thank you for saying what you said.”

2. The North Korean flag.

One wonders why a party that so often panders to human rights issues would welcome a flag that represents mass genocide and restriction under communist rule… Key word "communist." however.

3. The Soviet flag.

Anybody irked that the founding Marxist regime was being represented at an American political convention without much of a reaction from passersby? Why is this considered normal for Democrats?

Here are three flags that were burned, stomped on, and even removed from the DNC:

1. The Mississippi flag.

The Mississippi flag was removed by the City of Philadelphia using a huge crane after dozens of protesters conducted a “sit-in” while yelling “Take it down! Take it down!” to protest the flag for representing “oppression.”

2. The Israeli flag.

The Israeli flag was burned while a large crowd of leftists yelled “long live the Intifada!” calling for the mass murder of civilians and tourists living in Israel. Multiple Israeli flags were burned outside of the convention hall as demonstrators cheered.

3. The United States flag.

This one was tricky. During the first couple of days at the DNC, socialists were compelled to burn American flags as they did the Israeli flags. The only problem was… there were no American flags in sight!

But one was found eventually. Apparently burning the U.S. flag was not enough-- there had to be stomping involved too. Perfectly, as one guy gleefully stomped on a burning American flag, he was caught on fire. Or should I say, he really felt the ‘bern.’

The absence of American patriotism was noted on stage as well, as one after another speeches encouraged open borders and the victimization of criminals (and implied vilification of police officers), while ISIS was barely mentioned.

But hey, they tried to make it up Thursday night with a bedazzled stars-and-stripes microphone for Katy Perry and a “USA” chant at the end. Guess they thought nobody noticed their unpatriotic flop.

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