Leftists Burn Flags, Scream ‘Blue Lives Murder’ At Cops, Get Naked to 'Protest' RNC

The Republican National Convention, kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio this week, has been met with sizeable protests, mostly comprised of what look to be basement-dwelling, jobless losers, the typical leftists you would expect at a vulgar and intermittently violent protest.

Thus far, we have seen leftists attempt to burn an American flag, scream "blue lives murder" at police officers protecting them, and get buck-naked, apparently to stick it to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


On Wednesday, American-hating leftists gathered to burn our flag, because of course they did.

They tried again later in the day, successfully burning a portion of the flag.

The day prior to the flag-burning attempts, leftists despicably shouted “blue lives murder” at police officers manning their protest--yes, to those men and women protecting their safe-space pansy behinds.

And on Monday, awful feminists took off their clothes to protest Mr. Trump. Which is insane, of course, since neither Trump nor anyone else would actually care or be angry about this in the least, especially any red-blooded American man. But these are feminists we are dealing with, so this lunacy is kind of expected.

Leftists are the best, aren’t they?

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