Obama to Meet With Alton Sterling Family, Despite Facts Emerging That Show Sterling May Have Reached For His Gun

President Barack Obama is planning on meeting with Alton Sterling's son, despite facts showing that Sterling may have in fact reached for his gun.

The Washington Examiner reports that according to Sterling's attorney, Cameron Sterling will meet with Obama on Thursday and will also ask Obama a question at a town hall on Thursday.

Alton Sterling was killed on July 5 after being shot during an altercation with police, who had been told that Sterling was pointing a gun at someone.

The details of the case are still emerging, but a search warrant affidavit has concluded that Sterling might have attempted to reach for his gun, which he was possessing illegally.

"While the officers were attempting to subdue the subject the officers observed the butt of a gun in the subject's front pants pocket," Detective R. Cook wrote in the affidavit. "When the subject attempted to reach for the gun from his pockets the officers fired their police issued duty weapon at the subject to stop the threat. The subject was shot multiple times and did not survive his injuries."

Cook also wrote that the officers had used their tasers on Sterling when he wasn't following their orders.

Not that it matters to Obama–his disgusting speech at the memorial for the five police officers murdered in Dallas TX made clear that he's only interested in promoting his race-baiting, anti-cop agenda that his been a theme throughout his entire presidency. Other examples include:

  • Saying the police "acted stupidly" in the arrest of Cambridge professor Henry Louis Gates.
  • Saying "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."
  • Saying "this has been going on for a long time" after Freddie Gray's death.

Obama's meeting with Sterling's son will be another way for him to forward that agenda.


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