Marvel Comic Artist Unleashes First Transgender Superhero!

Since no medium is exempt from the left’s agenda, a new comic produced by Marvel will feature the first major “transgender” superhero named Chalice, a male who “transitions” into a female by taking hormone therapy throughout the comic.

Although there have been other minor “transgender” characters in past comics, Chalice will be the first lead hero to fully embrace gender dysphoria.

The “basic premise” of the comic, “is that in the near future, people with special abilities begin to emerge – the Alters – whose mutations give them a ‘hyper-advantage’, not dissimilar to Marvel’s X-Men,” notes The Guardian.

“Chalice is the framing character for the first arc, and will always be a central character to the series,” said Paul Jenkins, writer of Alters. “I believe she is going to be very popular.”

Pre-“transition” Chalice will be Charlie Young, “a middle brother of three who is worried that her transition is going to affect her family,” reveals Jenkins. “Her folks are dealing with one son stricken with cerebral palsy. She has made the decision to begin her hormone therapy and is waiting for the right time to tell them – and this creates a clear ‘ticking clock’ for her.”

Oh and it gets better; Jenkins promises even more leftist social messaging to the blunt “transgender” propaganda: Other so-called marginalized groups will be a hot topic, too.

“However, I have tried to be clear that our book is not solely LGBT-centric,” says Jenkins. “We have other Alters dealing with disadvantages or being marginalised: a homeless character, a shape-changer who breaks his neck, a character with PTSD and many more.”

The publisher of the Alters, AfterShock, is hyped to help thrust the left’s agenda on the youth, as well. Shocking, I know.

Alters has “a diverse team of creators composed of differing genders, gender identities, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations,” which was a “conscious decision," according to Jenkins.

The fewer white men, the better. Amirite?

“Our team members come from different ethnic backgrounds, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, and so on,” he added. “I felt this would be important to the various communities we are reaching: I send my scripts to at least three trans people every time, to make sure I am not speaking incorrectly, and that I am touching on points that would be realistic.”

The writer notes that it’s “helpful” that one of their staffers is a “trans woman.”

“It helps very much that our colourist, Tamra Bonvillain, is a trans woman,” he says. “She has been very helpful on the story overall.”

Jenkins concludes that “mainstream publishers are making strides." Though he is certain that the “trans community is very frustrated by the speed of progress,” he presumes that “these things take a certain amount of time.”

It's also noteworthy that Marvel has previously turned Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Democratic senators, Kirsten Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill into superheroes--as if their political bias weren’t already clear.

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