11 HILARIOUS Reactions to Democratic Sit-In Through Memes And Photos

According to the totally unbiased mainstream media, brave House Democrats are currently staging a "sit-in" to save the world from evil Republicans who want to arm ISIS.

Yeah, it's really just a publicity stunt put on by a bunch of self-righteous Leftists--protected BY GUNS--fighting to take away American citizens' right to due process and disarm the masses while sitting on their cans and enjoying catered food, sleeping bags and pillows.

Oh, and the Senate already rejected the bill they're demanding a vote on.

Here are the 11 funniest reactions to the Democrats shenanigans:

1. #StraightOuttaDueProcess​

2. The classic “Crying Jordan”

3. Perception can be deceiving...

4. The most accurate analysis: “Every Democrat on Capitol Hill is hammered.”

5. EXACTLY like Selma

6. Democrat-style advice

7. Occupy Hippies!

8. The worst feeling EVER

9. Brave heroes, I tell you. Heroes!

10. Get it, because they're so old. Got 'em.

11. Yeah, about that. The bill was already rejected, so…

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