Venezuela Has No Bread, Sugar, Or Toilet Paper. Hey, Let’s Elect Bernie Sanders!

Paging Bernie Sanders, who identifies as a socialist icon: If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, don’t poop in socialist Venezuela.

In Venezuela, which is reaping the whirlwind of socialist policies commenced by the late Hugo Chavez, no toilet paper is to be found.

That’s not all; according to CNN Money, crippling shortages have also eviscerated the supply of food, medicine, electricity, toothpaste, soap, shampoo. and even condoms. On May 23, Coca-Cola announced it had temporarily stopped production of Coke and other sugar-sweetened beverages because there was little sugar left in the country.

Sanders needn’t worry though; it’s unlikely he’ll be visiting there, as both Lufthansa and LATAM announced over the weekend that they will suspend service to Venezuela because of the economic crisis in the country.

Ricardo Cusanno, vice president of Venezuela's Chamber of Commerce, stated, "There's a shortage of everything at some level," acknowledging 85% of companies in Venezuela have halted some or all of their production.

How bad is Venezuela’s economy? In April the International Monetary Fund announced inflation would soar 481% in 2016 and a frightening 1,642% in 2017.

The El Guri dam, the chief source of the country’s energy, has sunk to record low water levels. Thus rolling blackouts are frequent. About 80% of the basic medical supplies needed to treat citizens are nowhere to be found.

Venezuela is expected to default on its debt in the fall of 2016; the government has only $12.1 billion in foreign reserves as of March, half of what it had in 2015. The country has been forced to send $2.3 billion of gold to Switzerland in 2016 as collateral.

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